Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Really, I Promise, I'll Get it Done

Seriously, I AM working on my post from the weekend, but yesterday was yet another blogger issue day. If you didn't visit yesterday, then you missed the disappearance of my entire sidebar - from my picture at the top, alllllllllll the way down to the Powered by Blogger button at the bottom. Now, I am too technologically challenged to change my template, even to one of the pre designed blogger templates. I tried. It looked AWFUL, and all of my links and below, were WAY at the bottom with rows and rows and rows of blank space between my To-Do list and my links. So, here I am, back at Ms. Moto. I REALLY want something different, but until I figure it out, y'all get to look at the pretty pink with me. Now I have to go fix my nav bar. Somehow I turned it blue. Then, I'm going to attempt to change my picture....yeah, I'm laughing too.

Oh, btw, my SWEETER THAN SWEET husband, just came by my office and brought me a bakery in a bag...ok, so not really, but he brought me some just yummo coffee and, get this, crescent rolls wrapped around Nutella spread...OH. MY. GOD. Citations, if you're still out there, try's right there with that bread & spread we made for New Year's a couple years ago. I had to share with whomever was immediately available at my office, cuz those 6 or 7 rolls were a guaranteed 2-3 inches on each thigh, and another inch or two on each cheek (and I'm not referring to my face). Anyway, back to my coffee and my designing attempts.


Lora said...

Good luck with the blog thing. I miss seeing your smiling face hope that you get another pic of yourself up. Have a great day!
Smiles and Hugs :)
Lora and Griffin

kyra said...

hi! so good to be back. i eagerly await the new blog look! and the post from the weekend! in the meantime, can you pass me a yummy baked good? hmmmm. here's to great husbands!