Tuesday, March 28, 2006

OHHHHHHHHhhhhh! That Smells GOOD!

Comfort Food. I have posted on it before, I will more than likely post on it again. For some, comfort food is chocolate, for others it's a head of broccoli, for others, still, perhaps ice cream, stew, chicken soup. I have many comfort foods, but the ones that REALLY and truly make me feel better, are the ones that fill my house with the soothing aroma of my grandmother's kitchen. Her cookies baking, a pork roast that's been seasoned with rosemary, can't forget the aroma of bacon, sausage, and eggs on a Sunday morning (it doesn't have quite the same impact if it's any other morning), Allspice, MUST STOP...I'm drooling! My favorite above all else, is the smell of pot roast. Our recipe for pot roast (and dumplings - MUST HAVE), calls for taking your pot roast and, I kid you not, this is in the actual recipe, "cook[ing] the hell out of it." It ends up being so moist and tender that even moving it from the pan causes it to melt off of the meat fork.

PC and Meem made a trip to Sam's Club last week and brought home two pot roasts, then my mom came over and brought us another...I was in heaven! Still am, for that matter! Meem has a different recipe than I'm used to, so we figured three pot roasts, why not three recipes?! Last night we cooked the first roast with Meem's recipe. It took a lot longer than we had anticipated (we have a stupid oven), but my house smelled...oh GOD...just SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD! We ended up having something else for dinner last night, but the smell of the roast was still lingering in my kitchen this morning when I came down to leave for work. Tonight we will feast!

With all of the stress in my life right now, including, but certainly not limited to the Ex and SmallBoy issue, money (and when is that NOT a stress), home repairs that desperately need to be made, car repairs that desperately need to be made, exhaustion...you know, all the usual stresses, the instant soothing power contained in simply the smell of pot roast is enough to temporarily relieve my weariness, to ease my soul, to temporarily remove the burden of all the crap. It makes me happy, makes me look at my family and think, wow - these people are so incredible, and I'm so lucky to have them that all those stesses..Pshaw!

Yep. Comfort food. Gotta love it.


PC said...

Well hurry home and lets eat,knuckle head! If I knew the smell of tha bloody pot roast would make you that crazy I never would have bought more cologne.-P.C.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Mmmmmmmmm. Comfort food.

Melissa said...

Your ex-husband sounds like an idiot! Causing your children so much pain and embarrassment.
The children will see what a fool he truly is. But, he will have hurt them beyond repair.
Like small boy can help his problem. I have 2 autistic boys, I share your pain. I am sorry for all the suffering he is putting your children through. Maybe he and his wife will move away or something. Good bye to bad rubbish!

Kristina Chew said...

My dad would say the same-----and the only time I've seen my husband and my sister's boyfriend agree on anything is the carrots from "mom's pot roast."