Monday, March 20, 2006

My 'Tweener

I'm still working on my big weekend posting. I had WAY too much going on to get my post finished, so I loaded up one picture, saved it and added a little on to it and can't do anymore from work, cuz all my pictures are at home. In the meantime, though, I wanted to follow up on the dental yuck.

I was scheduled to go in for a cleaning today with a new dentist, my current dentist is sick and on the prayer list at church. This new dentist was supposed to refer me to an oral surgeon to FINALLY get these evil wisdom teeth pulled (something I've been putting off for 19- count 'em, 19 - years). They are now to the point of excruciating, causing unbearable headaches on top of all of the stress that I'm dealing with. So, yes, I had an appointment scheduled for my lunch hour today. Two of my staff called in sick, leaving no one to do my job over my lunch. Had to cancel. Thankfully, when I called to reschedule, the dental assistant spoke with the doctor, told him how much pain and discomfort I'm experiencing, how long ago I was supposed to have had these things yanked, and he referred me directly to Dr. P, the oral surgeon. They were phenomenal at that office. I called and explained the circumstances, that I couldn't get my records, that I have TMJ and dental visits are painful for me anyway, that I needed to get these teeth out A LONG TIME AGO. They set me up for a consult, xrays, and the EXTRACTION right away.

I wanted to set this up for a Friday, so I would minimize the time off from work. Couldn't do this Friday because we have our Boy Scout sleepover at the museum, couldn't do next Friday because I have to sing at mass on Sunday, leaving April 7, or April 14th. My office doesn't close on Good Friday, so I figured, why sacrifice yummy Easter way. So, April 7 at 2:00. Teeth are coming out. I know that just grossed y'all out, but I'll need you guys to keep pumping me up for this. I WILL try to get out of it! Stay tuned, weekend post coming soon.

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Mama Kelly said...

I don;t know what to say to pump you up for it

but since it sounds like yr planning on doing all 4 at once, which is what I did way back when, I recommend stocking up on soups you like puddings and ice cream to eat

and bags of frozen peas to hold to your face