Friday, March 31, 2006

Howdy, Stranger - I'm Pleased to Meet You

This post is particularly directed to the woman PC spoke with last night at an "establishment" in the general vicinity of my home. I must have just missed you last night. PC told me a bit about your conversation. I'm grateful that I was able to help you, that made me feel like I'm doing some good with this blog, besides just venting. He never got your name, so your anonymity is safe with me, but I do hope I get the opportunity to meet you. If you would like to talk, or just say hi, my email is in the profile. For all I know you're one of the people who comment all the time...I've really got no clue as to appearances except for a few, or perhaps, you prefer to read only. Either way, I'm pleased to have "met" you, and I'm so happy you got a chance to meet PC!!! We'll be up there again, as patrons and as a band...our band, Code West, if PC didn't mention it, will be there on May 20 and July 1, but I do so hope to meet you before that!

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