Friday, August 05, 2005

Getting Ready for School

I can't believe I'm saying this, but, lately I have found myself longing for the structure and routine - or semblance of routine - that school brings. The summers are wonderful. We are freed from defined times, running to get homework done, last minute projects due yesterday, 5 different activities schedules. But by this time, the kids are getting just a tad too comfortable with NOT having that routine and are starting to get a little on the, shall I say, lazy, side. My days go on without end because they have no definite up time. LargeBoy is a night owl and is up some nights until well past three. SmallBoy is pretty much on the same schedule for sleep in the summer, although I have to start slowly working him back towards the school schedule. Poor guy has to get up with me.

I miss having the after school routine of homework, dinner, family/sports time, bed time. Of course, during any given sports season, the dinner and homework schedules are largely skewed, but hey - it's still a schedule. I miss coming home from work and helping SmallBoy with his homework or having him ask for my help with a book report. I miss our "spelling bees" to help everyone prepare for spelling tests - I always win those! I miss my daughter and my husband watching the news together in the morning while they prepare for the day.

I know, I shouldn't be wishing for school to start so quickly, though. I still haven't finished buying school supplies, the uniforms are not together yet, LargeBoy doesn't have his high school wardrobe together yet (jeans, t-shirt, gym shoes everyday), I haven't managed to get all of the high school paperwork in yet. I know that in two weeks when LargeBoy goes for orientation, that the next 4years of my life will fly by before I can bat an eye. And then it will be Girl's turn, as she's only 2yrs behind him. Then SmallBoy. Then they'll be grown up and off to college.

Ok, maybe I CAN wait for school to start.

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Julie said...

I know what you mean---when they're gone all day you miss them. But then, after they've been home for a while, it feels like it's time to send them off again....