Tuesday, August 30, 2005

'Til Next Year, Michigan

It is once again time to bid adieu to our escape from reality. The kids are now back in school with sports every weekend and no time for escape again until probably late August of next year. I haven't told the kids that we were trying to get to Michigan this weekend for one last escape, because being disappointed at not going is just no fun. PC had put in for this weekend off so that if all worked out in our favor, we could head up there with the kids and, miraculously, he got the WHOLE weekend off! We were ecstatic! We had not made plans for this weekend with anyone in case we could get up there - because turning around and cancelling them would just be stinky. We were offered concert tickets to a show I haven't been to in YEARS and am dying to see. We turned them down because of the slightest hint that perhaps we might make it out of town.

Well, as it turns out, there's no room at the inn for our family this weekend. We could, in theory, sleep in sleeping bags on the floor, but SmallBoy's allergies would just be awful and he would be miserable. We would also have to park our cars outside of the park because all of the spaces in front of the house would be taken. This is not altogether a bad thing...if it were just PC & me. Schlepping weekend bags and groceries for five through a the park on roads barely wide enough for a car, let alone a car and people, is probably not the best idea, especially with SmallBoy. We have the kids for four weekends in a row which is a wonderful thing! It's nice to do something different with them every once in a while, especially something as incredible as Michigan. LargeBoy couldn't get enough of it and can't wait to go back. Girl and SmallBoy have been BEGGING to go up all summer, but with Girl's softball & basketball schedule, combined with the weekends the kids are with their dad, we just haven't been able to get them there this year. Soccer starts today with games every Saturday and/or Sunday from now until November, which eliminates getting up there before we close it up. Lesson learned from getting MY hopes up too high: Never plan around something. It's easier to change plans and to punt than to have no plans at all. Good Lord, I'm whining entirely too much. I suppose it's probably less expensive to stay home than to try and fuel up the car for that trip....have you SEEN the prices today?

Oh well, as we say in this town for our North Side baseball team....Wait til next year.

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