Friday, August 19, 2005

Michigan Cravings

OH I WANT TO GO! The kids want to go! PC & I really wanted to bring the kids up this weekend, but he has to work Saturday night and I have to sing Sunday morning at church. I could probably switch out of church, but I don't think that he could switch out of work two weeks in a row. The kids were bummed when that reality finally sunk in. They were so bummed, in fact, that they were trying to bribe each other into calling MIL to see if she and FIL would take them with this weekend. You see, this is our only free weekend, with the exception of Labor Day weekend, for the rest of the summer/school year, even. The kids will be with us all of next weekend too, but Girl's traveling softball team has tryouts on Saturday, plus she has a basketball tournament over the weekend, not to mention that I have to sing a wedding on Saturday. The week after Labor Day, soccer starts and that takes up every Saturday and Sunday morning until the end of November.

To be perfectly frank, being restricted to weekend trips in the summer truly and completely sucks (pardon my French). I can't take time off during the summer to take a vacation with my children, but the weekends are always full of other obligations. I can't take a vacation with them during the school year because I refuse to have them miss their education purely for fun - not to mention that the cottage closes in October. What I really, really need to do is to find a NEW job; one that will allow me to have time off in the summer when my family has time off.

I never really understood what PC meant when he was talking about how he was longing for Michigan. I understand now. LargeBoy understands now. It is this need, this ache, this empty feeling that can only be filled by piling in the car and just going. Once you've been there, you just have to go back. Staying away is entirely too difficult. There is so much to do there, a weekend isn't nearly enough time...but I'll take what I can get until I can find a better job. I can smell the cottage and the beach, I can feel the sand between my toes (OH Sand between my toes! I miss you whoa whoa whoa!), I can hear the waves as the crash along the beach and I can hear the kids running up and down the sand. OH I NEED TO GO BACK NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

This has been a MOST unusual summer...the cottage was opened way later due to a huge water pipe overhaul...and 8 weddings for the Millys and Fillys. We will hardly be there either....we will plan way better next summer. Littlest grandchild hasn't been there either...something wrong here to have an escape and not be able to use it....but you know what it means?? We HAVE LIVES!! (you and we!!) Sadly, some is just plain responsibility...but some is FUN AT HOME...weddings, gigs, et al. So, fret not...the beach will not go away....although evidently the hot water did, so if you pine for an ice cold shower...picture life at the cottage!! Bathing in the lake anyone?

Somehow that lake hooks you though...I understand....but WAIT!! fun things too. Can't wait to start going to games and spending time with my little warm fuzzy family to the East. A time to reap, a time to , well, shoot baskets and you get the idea.

Life is good! Love to all young mothers trying to do it all, and dreaming of those times that are so hard to make happen...but, be patient....they WILL happen!!

Love, Milly