Wednesday, August 10, 2005

It RAINED!!!!!

I cannot begin to express my excitement when, at about 4:00 this morning, I felt the need to grab my blanket and pull it up to keep me warm while I attempted to sleep through this ever-so-nasty cold that still won't let go. It has been so ridiculously hot and dry in the Midwest that it seems to be turning into one of those dustbowl towns from the Depression. LargeBoy has been so excited because there's been no reason to mow the lawn, as it hasn't been growing, just dying. The watering restriction doesn't matter, since my spigot doesn't work and I can't water anyway. The weeds, though, seem to thrive on this weather, because they're popping up all over the place. Big, HUGE, man-eating weeds. My poor garden looks so sad. I've tried, but it's just not happy. A few watering cans full of water everyday is just not enough to keep it satisfied.

Imagine my joy, nay, delight!, this morning when, after dragging my poor overtired and still sick body out of bed for work, I looked out the bathroom window and saw that the dirt in my garden was dark black, seemingly wet! The patio at my neighbor's house was....OH.MY.GOD....WET!!! That meant that, no, that garden fairies didn't appear in the night to tend to my drooping garden, but that yes, indeed, it had RAINED! This was confirmed further on my way to work as I drove along the tree lined streets and watched my windshield develop a polka-dot pattern of droplets from the leaves above. It really really had rained!

The weather report on the radio said that today's high was going to be 84 degrees - at least 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, and that we are supposed to have continued showers through the morning. I'm not sure about the rest of those showers, as the sun is beaming in the sky; of course, it's only 8:45. There are still 3hours and 15minutes left for morning showers! Even without more rain, which is still greatly needed, I'll take the 84 degrees. I have no air conditioning at home and yesterday, the INSIDE of my house was 89 degrees. We have a small window unit that we put upstairs in the bedrooms where SmallBoy sleeps and where PC and I sleep - IF the fans won't keep us cool enough. The main floor of our house is laid out in such a way that it takes a network of fans to get the cold from one window unit to circulate through the first floor. Entirely too complicated and gives entirely too much of my hard earned cash to the electric company.

For the meantime, I will stop complaining about the heat and rejoice in the wetness that covers the ground this morning and the promise of a cooler day. Mind you, as I'm typing this, I'm sitting in my office in a winter sweater over my pretty top and skirt, and with a space heater on my feet. There most definitely IS a/c here!

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