Monday, September 19, 2005

Happy Birthday SmallBoy!

Sorry, no pics posted for this one. Although, maybe I could post the one of him hiding behind his new rocket!!! Yes, a rocket! Seriously, what does a mother buy for an incredibly intelligent 9 year old little boy with Asperger's and a HUGE video game addiction? Certainly NOT video games. I instructed everyone to stay away from those for this birthday. I'd like to, in a few years, get him a computer - just basic, nothing fancy, not even necessarily with internet capabilities - to work on. He's so smart and with Asperger's finding something that is the right fit is key to working towards a career goal. Did you know that Bill Gates has Aspergers? I knew that Einstein did as did many other incredibly intelligent people, but I didn't know about Gates. With SmallBoys love for computers, who knows - he could be the next computer whiz.

SmallBoy had a wonderful day to celebrate his birthday. The weather was about as perfect as it could get: The sky was baby blue, with just enough clouds to make it look like a picture, the temperature warmed up to the low 80's, and there was just a slight breeze. He spent the day with his father, step-mother, Girl, step-sister, and new baby half-brother. They went into the city to go the the zoo. I guess he got a little upset that, even though it was his birthday, they didn't do everything and go everywhere that he wanted to go, but overall, the trip sounded nice. When he arrived home to me, we had planned a party for him. We have not been able to coordinate the big family party with ALL of the relatives yet, and probably won't get to it til November, but then we can incorporate Girl & LargeBoy's birthdays, too! Last night GR & Chica came over, as did MILLY & FIL, and ET, SIL & Princess. Yesterday was also FIL's birthday. The weather was sill beautiful at 6:00 in the evening, so while we finished preparing dinner, FIL took SmallBoy and Princess down to the park down the street. We barbecued burgers & dogs, ET brought a potato salad that he served from a pumpkin shell, and a to-die for apple, pear & banana salad. We had tater tots for the kiddies, cuz that's just more fun than fancy schmancy food. GR brought the birthday cake - white with confetti sprinkles inside!

Presents - The Game of Life-Spongebob style, Clue - Simpsons style, books - something from the Artemis Fowl series, Blubber by Judy Blume, Harry Potter 3, and something else I can't remember, new sheets and a new bed throw in the colors that he wants to re-decorate his room, a Rubik's cube (can you believe those are back?), and the remote control rocket from PC & me. We got FIL some motown karaoke for the cottage. There was one that had "Born To Be Wild" on it, not exactly motown. I'm dying to hear him sing it, more for the sheer hilarity of that song coming out of FIL, who is the epitome of NOT wild, at least not anymore from what I understand. We're actually thinking about making him a book for his next birthday filled with all of his lectures - we'll call it "FIL's Abbreviated Lectures". It will save him the time of having to tell PC & ET the smoking lecture on deaf ears, the you've-had-one-sip-of-an-alcoholic-beverage-you'd-better-not-be-driving lecture, the newest electrical lecture, etc....This way, whenever he feels we need some good fatherly wisdom, he can hand off the book and say, "please refer to page sixteen". What do you think, MILLY? We love our FIL....but that's for next year. If you can think of any lectures I might be missing, let me know...tee hee. We actually thought about giving him the picture of PC with his thumb on his forehead!

All in all, I think it was a lovely day with wonderful family. Happy Birthday SmallBoy!!!!! Happy Birthday FIL!!!

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