Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Welcoming A New Friend

ET, PC, & I went out for chicken at Dell Rhea's Chicken Basket last night before heading off to our Tuesday night karaoke date. We stuffed ourselves silly. Corn fritters, mashed potatoes (with the skin - darn tootin'! Take that Cordon Bleu!), and the best M*&# F*@#! fried chicken this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Sorry Mom & MILLY about the French, but there truly are no other words to describe this chicken. "Mouth watering," doesn't cover it, "finger licking," is just the tip of the iceberg. I can still taste it - oh, well, that's because I just went and swiped a corn fritter out of my carry-out box that I brought to work with me today. Anyway, Dell Rhea's is famous not only for the best MF fried chicken this side of the Mason - Dixon line, but for being the last stop on historic Route 66.

PC & ET had slaved all day pulling the throngs of carpet staples out of my staircase, so we fed the kids Mac Dog (Mac-n-cheese with hot dogs), went for chicken, and then went to karaoke. We LOVE karaoke, especially at this bar and with Barb, the phenomenal karaoke babe with the even more phenomenal voice! Week to week the crowd is different at karaoke, as there are many hotels in the area, housing more business travelers than vacationers, so you never know how many people will be there any given Tuesday. There could be 30, or there could be just PC & myself, you never know. Last night was a small, but fun crowd. We met Andie, who was in on business from Arkansas. It took us a while to get her up singing, but she finally did and she was great! After talking to her for a while, I found out she is with the military and she has her own Blogger blog! She loves to take photos and use them in her should see some of them, they're awesome. Oh,'s the link to her site, Life In the Ozarks. You can see them for yourself. I've added her to my blogroll so you can check it out anytime! Welcome Andie. She also took some pictures at karaoke, so maybe one of them will make it here onto my site and maybe onto my band, Code West's, site.

Andie, it was a pleasure to meet you. Come back out next time you're up this way...and thanks for the round!

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