Friday, September 30, 2005

Is it Bedtime Yet?

GOD I'm tired! I can feel the bags under my eyes racing to see which one can reach my feet first. I've already had two cups of tea today and it's just doing nothing for me. I'm sitting here waiting for furniture to be delivered from one of our other offices which I, of course, have to schlep up here...two heavy ass book cases that won't fit in the freight elevator. I'm sure you're dying to know why I am so drop dead on my face tired, right?

Last night SmallBoy and I went to his first Cub Scout meeting. It was cute and he had a great time. He's already memorized the Cub Scout Law, the scout handshake and the scout motto. He's very excited. On the way home we stopped to pick up a gift for a party he will be attending early this afternoon (no school today, how nice), went home did a bit of cleaning and then he and I decided we'd best get some sleep. PC was working last night. When he works nights, I always wake up when he gets home and we sit and chat for an hour or so until he winds down enough to go to sleep. I make it a point to get to bed early on those nights, to make up for the hour or so that I'll lose when he gets home. I think last night I made it to bed by about 10:30 or so. PC got home somewhere in the neighborhood of 1:15 this morning. We chatted for a while and then he popped in a DVD so that I'd get back to sleep.

Deep into a sound sleep I woke to the terror filled screams of "MOMMMMMMMMMM! MOMMMMMMMMMMMM!" coming from LargeBoy's room in the basement. LargeBoy has a tendency to talk, walk, and sometimes scream in his sleep, but never has it been for me. I found my robe and slippers and flew, I really think I did fly, down the stairs to his room, with PC right behind me. LargeBoy was sitting up, which is typical of this, but this time he was actually awake. I asked him if he was ok, if it was a nightmare, if he wanted me to stay. He said he didn't know what happened and that it was something before a dream. He laid back down and went to sleep. PC & I went back to bed. I was rather shaken, in my worst-case-overly-active-mommy-imagination, trying to figure out what could have triggered this episode and trying to calm down, so I snuggled up deep into my bed. It was cold last night. PC had made a stop before coming to bed and had a sneezing attack...that lasted until about 5:45 this morning. It would come and go in spurts, but when he wasn't sneezing, he was congested and couldn't breathe, would be coughing or dealing with a horrible runny nose. My poor hubby! Finally I gave him some allergy medicine so that he could at least get some temporary relief and sleep for a few hours before having to get up and work the day shift today (btw - his boss is a moron for thinking working nights and then days the next day is healthy). Needless to say when the alarm went off at 6, I hit the snooze as long as humanly possible and then sucked it up and went to work. LargeBoy was fine this morning, but remembered waking up screaming last night - which is not typical of this for him.

Tonight, we have SmallBoy's first birthday party with friends. It's going to be small, only three other boys are coming. It's going to be a sleepover, which means that PC & I have to stay up until the boys go to sleep. I think it's going to be an early bedtime tonight. I'll be lucky if I can keep my eyes open until I go home from work today - to clean up and prepare for the party...YIKES!!!!

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Octoberbabies said...

And so the birthday marathon begins!

I hope he's having a great time.

Tuesday is India's 3rd bday and her party will be this Sunday. She was NOT happy at their party last year (I did them together since Isaac's bday is on the 24th). This year she's a lot more social and the party is about 1/3 the size so I'm optimistic that it will go better. (But you know me, I'll have pics posted by Sunday night so you can see for yourself!)