Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Rescheduling...So What's New?

Thanks for the comments and suggestions for the family meeting. I had thought about a laminated job sheet too, checklists make things much easier for SmallBoy. I will be putting in these suggestions tonight...I hope....I don't think anyone would be very surprised to hear that we didn't quite get to the family meeting last night. Things are too crazy in the after school/after work/dinner/pre - rest of the night hours. Last night, Girl had soccer practice and wasn't home until about 5:30, but still in time for dinner. LargeBoy, being a teenager, was asleep when I got home. I guess he had a lousy night's sleep the night before and was playing catch up. SmallBoy was up and ready to roll, but really, we needed the whole family for the FAMILY meeting. Waiting for LargeBoy to wake up was not even in the question as after dinner we all went our separate ways again. Sheesh! So, we'll try again this evening...I don't think we have anywhere to be tonight until 7:30. PC and I are going to a meeting for parents of children with learning disabilities. Although SmallBoy isn't experiencing any LD problems right now, Asperger's does have a tendency to be linked to hyperlexia - which roughly translates into a comprehension issue, unlike dyslexia. We figured we'd head off to the meeting, meet some parents and maybe find a group of people in our immediate area to form a little "support" group...who knows! Hopefully it will be productive!

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