Thursday, September 22, 2005

Oh God! Not a Plumber!

Our house is old, built in 1922. The water pressure stinks. The downstairs toilet is still clogged after multiple bottles of draino, using the poor plunger until all of the "suck" had been sucked out of it, the upstairs toilet requires turning the water off and on to use, the spigot outside merely trickles water (my poor poor garden), and now my water heater has a steady drip - enough to keep my basement floor coated in water if the sopping & mopping is not kept up. We broke down and called the plumber. Hopefully he can get to us today, but that's incredibly doubtful since we're still waiting a return phone call.

I'm just dreading this. I keep imagining that he's going to tell us that not only does the water heater have to be replaced, but that all of our pipes are old, coated, and need to be replaced also. I am afraid. Very afraid. Of course, once he comes and fixes the ailments all will be well. I'm hoping that the crappy water pressure in the spigot outside is somehow related to what's inside so that we don't need any EXTRA work done. If it's unrelated, though, I guess I'll just be hoping for a really rainy summer next year, cuz that will involve a ton more work.

Oh this bites. Just the word "plumber" brings bad pictures and thoughts to mind. First of all, the dreaded plumber butt. EEEUUUWW!! Then there's my house being ripped apart. Then there's the thought of having to turn my water off and go for days on end without showering or doing dishes while waiting on a part. Then there's the thought that, oh GOD, what if we can only coordinate our schedules on a weekend! A plumber on a weekend?!?!?! $$$$$$$$$$ I think I'm having heart palpitations! I suppose I should just sit here calmly at my desk and not think about it. If worse comes to worse, I suppose I could take part of a day off from's not like there's anything to do today or tomorrow except minor things.

I'd love to hear someone else's plumbing horror stories. Misery loves comapany. It might make me feel better.

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Alexis said...

I have a tee that you can wear while playing in your band at The Plumberpants Clothing Company.