Thursday, September 08, 2005

LargeBoy is Definitely My Child

Not like there was ever any doubt, I carried him for 9 1/2mos, chose a c-section as opposed to a breach baby for my first child...oh yes, he IS mine! What I am getting at here is that he is finally turning into a music loving, goofing around, air guitar and drums, dancing like a dork kind of person! We were in his room two nights ago while PC & SmallBoy were battling each other on their favorite video game, Star Wars Battlefront, and LargeBoy was playing a song for me that he was considering using for his film class music video project. It was hysterical to watch him break out playing his air guitar, smiling, laughing, completely unabashed at having his mother, brother, and step-dad as an audience and then started I dance when I'm performing or listening to music; dancing the way I do when Girl looks at me and says, "Uh,!" That's her way of saying, "Uh,'re a mom and you're not supposed to be dancing like that and, furthermore, you're embarrassing me."

This LargeBoy of mine has got the musical ear that we've all inherited from my family, he's got the creativity of George Lucas when it comes to film, and just enough dorkiness to have fun! I LOVE it...and at almost 15 years old, too! How many teenagers will act like that in front of their family, let alone admit that they KNOW their family. I am truly lucky.

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