Thursday, September 22, 2005

Who Said it's Fall?

Well, officially it's not Fall for 2 more hours. Someone is being nice to us today? Mother Nature, perhaps? The weather predicted low to mid 70's for today and instead it's mid-high 80's. The breeze has a nice Autumn feel to it, though. The leaves that have fallen, though not many have turned, are skating across the ground as though on ice, adding the the sound of the breeze a nice Autumn sound to it. I must say, though, that even on this beautiful day, my allergies are going crazy, but it's worth it. Worth it to take in one of the last nice days for a while. Winter in this city is awfully long and gray, so days like today are to be taken advantage of.

I took a two hour lunch today and PC and I went to the park for a picnic. After being invaded by some really cranky bees, we set off on a walk about town. We walked all over and ended up at our local novelty shop where PC bought a jaw harp - perfect for our band, Code West. We played hide and seek with the hot sunshine by ducking in and out of storefronts to keep cool. Eventually, though, it found us. We sat down and rested our feet for a few minutes, as my work shoes were absolutely NOT suited for walking around town. As we were relaxing, we spied - with our little eyes - a smoothie poster in a window across the street. We made like moths to a flame and indulged ourselves in the refreshing strawberry-ness of the smoothie. Oh, you should have seen the straw! Remember those gigantic Pixie sticks that we all used to devour as kids? I swear the straw we got with our smoothie was that fat around. It was so much fun!

Tomorrow we have date night again, since the kids will be with Ex. We're planning on going to see a scary movie - I hate scary movies - and then, perhaps meeting up with ET and a few friends. Date night is SO essential. Even with three typical children of 15, 13, and 9, getting out is so crucial to a relationship. Add to that mix, 9 y/o with Asperger's and date night is a necessity...a chance to get out and be two adults again, a chance to talk without bringing up the children - to talk about each other and what's going on in our lives...absolute necessity. Date night can even be date day, especially in the Fall when the weather gets a little cooler and requires warm, snuggly clothes, when the weather is perfect for a walk through the woods to watch the changing leaves as they shed their summer wardrobe for the new fashionable colors. Fall is beautiful. I guess I'm just going to miss the summer, but as they say on the north side of our fair city, there's always next year!

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