Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Date Night Last Night

After having Milly over for Girl's birthday last night, PC and I went off for our regular Tuesday Night Karaoke. I have said before, it is our designated date night. We met some good friends, Coolah & Cutie and found out they had gotten engaged the previous night. So, of course, we had to celebrate. Our friend and favorite karaoke lady, Lady B, was happy to see us, as the bar was crowded, but with sports fans watching the baseball playoffs, not with people waiting to sing. It looked to be a good turnout. Cutie got up and sang for the soundcheck and I followed (I'll have pics, soon). The game ended and none of the sports fans felt like singing, so they all boogied out and we pretty much had the place to ourselves! It was kinda fun.

After a couple of rounds (of singing, that is), I sang one of the songs that I have sort of dedicated to Girl over the years, "Wild One" by Faith Hill, and had PC call her from my cell phone and let her listen...kind of a birthday dedication. PC and a couple waitress sang the Hokey Pokey - oh you should have seen it. PC & Coolah sang a couple of Dead tunes. It was nice to see Coolah up and singing and dancing and smiling. Cutie and I talked about their wedding plans and the ring and....well, it was just a FUN night.

We got home earlier than usual, but headed straight to bed, since we were both exhausted. Unlike every other night, I couldn't sleep. I was pooped, drop dead tired. I finally managed to get to sleep and then I started waking up every fifteen or twenty minutes. about fun and games! Then this morning I wake up to Girl's alarm clock RINGGGGGGGGGGGGING from downstairs. Yeah, I LOVE having to work at the crack of dawn. Tonight it's early to bed. I need to play catch up big time....although, I could steal Girl's present from Milly and get started on watching the third season of one of our favorite shows - nah, I'll fall asleep two minutes in like I do with everything else I watch. Ok, ok, so a hot soak, a glass of wine (oh crap, Milly and I drank it all)...ok a hot soak, a cup of hot tea, or maybe a beer, and off to snoozeville. Sounds like a plan.

Oh could I forget - my plans will be totally thrown off tonight! Girl's favorite teeny-bopper show has the season premiere tonight which is being thrown off by the WHITE SOX game!!!!!!!!!!! She is stressing terribly over this, but I think she'll survive. The OTH-a-thon starts tonight at our house, so Lord knows what plan B is, if the Sox game takes all night. Hmm...we'll just have to see, now, won't we?

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