Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Need a Prescription!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!

In case the name of the Rx is too small, it's a pill for Fukitol. Oh I SO need this today! Work bites! I'm up for my review and "raise" next week and realized that I'm almost at my salary cap (which is a pretty crappy cap, if you ask me), and then oh well....Life's a biotch! Ex makes 2x as much as me, if not more and will only shell out 32% of his income ~the legal minimum required~for child support! PC & I are working our patoots off to afford a new water heater before ours totally floods our basement, and that word-I-can't-say-cuz-my-mom-&-my-MIL-read-my-blog is getting his house sided and ALL NEW FURNITURE!!!!! Ok, really, I didn't mean to rant about that! This was supposed to be a rant about work and how exhausted I am and how little I get paid and how I try to do everything for my kids and I JUST CAN'T DO IT ALL!!!

If only this prescription could actually be filled! Oh, the money that could be made! I'd own stock in whatever company manufactured this - and then I wouldn't have to worry about that stupid salary cap!!!! This would be a lovely way to end a rough day at work or with the kids (or both!): a nice warm bath, a glass of wine and this cute little blue & white friend. Ahhhh!


PM said...

It's time to forgive yourself; pat yourself on the back for all the good you've done for the kids (I was there, remember?); forget about the'll eat you alive and he will win (it's what he wants!!); and, finally, quit whining. It's non-productive and destructive. Look at the positives and remember you won. Okay?!

If the job sucks, find a new one. You may have to venture out a couple of miles but, if you're happier, so be it.

Now, remember all of us who are proud of you for putting your mental health and the mental health of your children first. Know how many are afraid to even think in that direction?

And, one last thing, and I'll only forward my opinion on large boy and girl, they're much happier. They walk taller and seem so much more secure now than before.

Lastly, do what I do, and play Lotto weekly. If nothing else, it gives me something to dream about...quitting my job and eating bon bons and drinking wine and wathching Monkey Boy bring sunshine to all our lives.

Love you!


Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Oh, I'm sorry about how life seems right now...but darn, you made me laugh with that pill. Hysterical!

mommyguilt said...

Thanks ladies! Contrary to my crazed ramblings, I am quite happy with my life. Ex is a schmuck and the job sucks, but PC is wonderful, my children are wonderful, and the sucky job I sort of need to stick with for a while because I might need it for SmallBoy.

Glad y'all like the pill! Everyone needs one every once in a while...that and a big ol' cup of Shut The Hell Up ( I have that one on a magnet on my refrigerator door!). Thanks for reading!!!

PM - any apple pie recipes? Otherwise, I'll ask ET

Julie said...

I want me one of those!

Amy said...

One of the things that my ex cited as a reason to move 3.5 hours away from me AND take my baby is that he'd be providing a better life for her because he'd make more money. I wanted to shove my foot up his butt at that point. I can provide for my daughter just fine thank you...and if he DID move..he'd be sending the money my way because no way in "HE double toothpicks" will he have my baby. Thank you for being an inspiration.....I feel like I have some of my fight back. Let's talk soon!!!

mommyguilt said...

A - Absolutely!