Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm Going to Whine Today

I don't feel good.

MOMMY! I wanna go home! Can you come pick me up? It always worked when I was a kid at school. Why not now when I'm a grown up at work? My head is stuffy, my chest is congested, my eyes burn. I wanna go home!

Can't. Need to reserve the sick hours for when my kids are sick and I can't get coverage. Elaine was mentioning this dilemma in her post about when she was a working mom, and having to make that decision. Seriously, how often do working moms get to use their sick time for themselves? We will come into work on our deathbeds, be totally useless, and infect the office (yes, we're martyrs) before we call in sick. We NEED those sick hours for the kids. Vacation hours I will save for emergencies like...oh GOD! The kids are sick and I have no coverage AND I have no sick hours! Crap! Crap! Crap!

So, what'll I do today? Will I rest when I get home and get to bed early? Nope. SmallBoy has a scout meeting tonight. He's getting badges. We won't blow this off, he needs the social interaction. It's terribly important. Will I arrange a carpool so that I can stay home and rest? Nope. I'll be a martyr. He needs to have me there when he gets this badge, he's worked hard for it. Lord, though, it's loud and crazy and obnoxious when all of those boys are in one room together. When I get home, I'll be wanting to whine some more...only this time without the "h". I may have to settle for the OTC no-more-coughing-sniffling-stuffy-head-fever-aching-so-you-can-rest kind, though, cuz I don't believe there IS anymore wine in my house. OH WHINE WHINE WHINE!!!!


marti (standing still for once) said...

Oh my GOD I hated that when I worked outside the home. Granted, my job was part time, and I sold bras at Victoria's Secret ... but reporting in to someone when you are sick feels, well, so BIG BROTHER. Like, "don't forget to call school, because if you have one more absence we won't meet adequate yearly progress." Chicken soup. Chicken broth heated all day with cloves of garlic. Promise. It'll make you all better. And, gallons of water. We want your pee CLEAR

Kristina Chew said...

I'm with you (whining always allowed!). My husband and I recently caught a terrible cold from one of Jim's co-workers--he is unmarried, no kids, still came in feverish etc. and then off to his doctor for antibiotics. Meanwhile there's Jim traipsing around NYC to catch the subway while I was making decisions like "I'm sick, shouldn't go to the pool but Charlie really needs to be in that water....."
Charlie had more tough times today. Balanced with happiness (he is singing in the shower as I type). It is a struggle but your comment was really cheering. kc

Eileen said...

I hear ya! Instead of wine, I had a margarita at my favorite mexican restaurant last night with my family for a confirmation celebration for my nephew. What a good catholic way to celebrate a confirmation. Anyway, I hope you get some rest tonight and are feeling better. I am sure your little guy appreciates you going to his scout meeting.

mommyguilt said...

marti - THAT sounds delish! I am a garlic HOUND. PC is off today, so I'll see if I can convince him to whip me up some and bring it to me for lunch. Drinking pear nectar for bkfst - YUM!

Kristina - We all need a little cheer on the crazy days, and on the not so crazy days. Glad I could help.

Elaine - We're awful for that too. After choir rehearsal, we'd all walk up to our fav mex rest and have 'ritas, too. And after our religious events, SAME mex. rest! Must be a catholic thing - mass and 'ritas! LOL