Friday, October 21, 2005

Vote for Them!!!

Tanya and Jim Ryno are hoping to become contestants on the Million Dollar Fear Factor for Couples. Awesome, huh? Even moreso, they are also attempting to help raise awareness about ASD, as seen here in their comment to Mama Rant's Autism Study posting:

I'm a finalist in a contest to be on FEAR FACTOR. The reason I'm writing is because on my site you will notice that my brother has autism. I have raised thousands of dollars for Autism in the past... and plan to continue doing so for the future. Possibly you could help vote me onto the show... as the more publicity I get the more Publicity CURE AUTISM NOW gets.

My site:

Thank you... I do not usually use comments as a place to get votes... I just thought that your post was appropriate in this case. Regards, Tanya Ryno

So get over to the fear factor site and get your vote in and then stay tuned to watch Tanya & Jim on Fear Factor.


marti said...

It is so nice when you start to feel better! (((smile!)))


Jim & Tanya Ryno said...

Thank you for the support for Fear Factor! Everyone thinks that my husband and I are crazy for doing this... we are the only married couple with kids... but we have many reasons... and one is AUTISM! We can't legally say that we are going to donate anything we win (1st we have to get on the show!) But both my husband and I have stated that if we win anything... we WILL DONATE 5% to CURE AUTISM NOW Foundation. Usually each year, my husband and I hold what we call a Pajama Party for the Parents of Autistic Children -- The nights theme is "Helping Parents Sleep Better at Night"... and we raise money with auctions... it's a lot of fun. So, if we make it on Fear Factor it will be quite a switch. I thank you for your support and you gave me an idea... I'm going to start BlogRolling sites about Autism. Thanks again.
We truly appreciate it!

supermom said...

That's great!!! I will be going over there now to put in my vote!! My Little One is 4 and was diagnosed with PDD-Nos. I blog about my large family (I have 7 dwarves) and our life dealing with autism, hoping that I can raise awareness and encourage others.
Hopefully, they will be successful in being selected and eventually winning the million!!

Snow White, 7 Dwarves and PDD