Friday, October 28, 2005


Wow! You guys are amazing. I cannot thank you enough for the flood of comments and support. Some of you I haven't even read in depth yet, but I'll be there as soon as I finish this post. It's rare that I get a REALLY REALLY bad crappy day that I can't make it over, but DAMN was that a doozy. Most things concerning my ex are doozies.

Through all of these comments, I have found some new blogs that you all must really check out: Astryngia, Moi at Bloggg, Cheryl at Mad Baggage (and oh she's got a lot more than Aspies on her blog - be prepared to CRACK UP), and Mrs. Aginoth at Musings of a Juggling Mother.

To everyone who commented and to those who may still comment: You're all truly blessings. I'm glad we all have each other's shoulders, ears, support, even though it's via the computer. I know that I didn't get back to each of you individually, but know that I totally related to and appreciated every single word that you said. Oh, and yes, I will be informing stupid Ex that AS is passed down through the male genes! You are all so PHENOMENAL!


Moi ;) said...

Thanks :::blushing:::

I tried to get Mad baggage and it says it couldn't be found!?! :(

mommyguilt said...

Thanks - I fixed it. Left of a letter in the html address. It's Friday, my brain stopped working yesterday. :-)

Juggling Mother said...

Thanks for stopping by & for the link:-)

Everyone needs support sometimes, thats what's so great about the blogging world. I've found it invaluable in times of stress.

mommyguilt said...

Thanks - and that's exactly what I told ex...that perhaps he should look elsewhere than just a book...that he should check out the internet and message boards and blogs to find out where REAL people are in their dealings with AS & ASD, to find out how THEIR lives are affected...etc...but the more I think about it, I hope he doesn't, cuz he might happen across mine and then I won't be able to bitch about him anymore...tee hee

SullenBunny said...

I just started a blog on here myself, and kind of wound up here at your by coincidence. My 6 year old was just diagnosed as an Aspie and it's good to find othe people who understand. I don't have much of a support system.
It's funny that you refer to your son as Small Boy because that is my IRL nickname for my son, even though he is huge for his age.
Anyway, just thought I would say hi and that I'm a new reader and I enjoy your blog.

Cheryl said...