Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So Much for That!

LargeBoy has late arrival at school this less person to wake up. Girl is sick today. Yet another less person to wake up, of course, she does it on her own anyway. One would think that with less people to wake up in the morning, I might have a few spare minutes to get ready for work. Nope! Walked in the door one minute before I had to start work.

I have to take a really late lunch today because I have to pick SmallBoy up at school at 3. PC is working a ridiculously long double shift today, so he can't do it, and Girl, obviously can't pick him up because she's sick - which leaves him walking home from school alone. Although he is 9 now, I'm still not confident enough in his street smarts to let him do it himself. We live just under a mile from the school and he has to cross a busy street - yes, there is a stoplight, but still. The Asperger's impinges on common sense every once in a while and walking almost a mile by himself is not the time I want to test it. So, I'll grab him from school and bring him either home or back to work with me...whichever he wants. He'll be bored here, but at least I 'll get to spend a few hours with him before we have to go home to the daily evening running around. Geez, I'm exhausted already and it's not even 8:15 a.m. yet!!

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Julie said...

I don't blame you a bit! I wouldn't let my 11 yr old walk that alone, even without Asperger's. Too many scary people out there!