Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Losing Sleep Over the Series

What a late night last night! Great game. SCARY game, but a great game, nonetheless. I'm glad my Sox won, but geez o petes! Did it really need to go THAT long? And with THAT MANY pitchers (on both teams)? Girl & LargeBoy managed to stay awake for the whole thing. Round about the 12th inning, PC and I went up to bed and turned the TV on in there. We totally dozed off, but woke up for the commotion at the end. I heard "White Sox win Game 3, " and I was out like a light.

I'm now faced with a dilemma. Potentially, the Sox could win the series tonight. This is an incredibly historic series since the Sox haven't been in forever, and this is Houston's first time. It's really quite cool. Obviously, we won't be in Houston to witness Game 4, so we will be watching from home with the rest of the nation - or at least Texas & Illinois. I would LOVE for SmallBoy to stay up and watch this game, especially if the Sox win it. Problem: Even if the game simply goes 9 innings, it will still be over after bedtime and we will all be either on an adrenaline high or a total bummer low. More than likely, he won't be able to sleep. Late bedtime plus high energy keeping him from sleeping could make for a REALLY nasty day tomorrow. The flipside is - this may not happen again in our lifetimes! BUT - by the same token, if the Sox lose tonight, and I let SmallBoy stay up, do I then let him stay up for every "they-could-win-it-tonight" game?

This would be so much easier if tonight was a Friday or if this were game 7 - although game 7 is supposed to be Sunday, right? My motherly instincts are telling me to put him to bed. My excitement and Wow-I-Really-want-him-to-see-this-It's-historic instincts are telling me, "What the hell, let him stay up. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

I can already hear what a few of you are saying, (PM, Meem) - and they conflict with each other! YIKES

I suppose I'll just wait and see what this evening brings. Either way, I will NOT let him stay up for a ridiculously long game tonight. Let's win or lose in 9 innings tonight! PLEASE!

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