Wednesday, October 12, 2005

This Week I Feel Really Old

(pic by Dad, hair pre-cut - my sis is the one on the right) Aside from the soccer-mom meets rockstar-mom haircut, there are two birthdays this week that are making me feel OH SO OLD. On Monday, my LargeBoy turned 15. He will drive next year - in theory. I have been a mom for a long time, yet there are days when I still go rummaging through my drawers for the operations manual, as new challenges arise. Holy cow - he's 15 YEARS OLD!!

Now, on the other hand, my sister will be turning 30 this weekend (I love you, Chica - sorry about blabbing your age, but I'm older, so I CAN!) I am older than my sister, which makes me feel REALLY incredibly old - especially when you look at the age gap between my sister and my son! Of course, my life wouldn't be the same without either of them, but LORD ALMIGHTY do they make me feel old. I suppose it could be worse, though, I could have had children later than I did and then I'd be older than I am now (upon each child's consecutive birthday), but, I was a mere toddler when I gave birth, so, I suppose that makes me only 17! HA! If only!
By the way - I still need apple pie recipes. See my post begging for them!

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