Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm Getting My Hair Cut (or: I Caved and Watched One Tree Hill)

Yep. I sure did. Girl has these OTH parties with her friends every week during the season. The girls rotate from house to house every week, but more often than not, it was at our house. Sadly, I must say, I knew enough of the plot just from walking through the room, that I started kinda sorta watching it - not enough to get hooked, but enough that I could keep up with the girls when they were talking about it. Well, then, Girl got Season One for her birthday or for Christmas last year, and Season Two for her birthday this year. She watched last season's finale and I happened through the room in time to watch Dan get poisoned and "someone" set his office ablaze. As we watched, Girl sat with her notepad in hand writing down her list of supsects and their motives. Can you blame me, then, for plopping down in the chair with the girls when, yesterday, the long awaited season premiere was on?

I thought the girls were going to die! This was a combination study session/OTH session. Well! The White Sox/Red Sox game was on the same channel at the same time that OTH was supposed to be on. The girls couldn't handle the, would you believe, they studied? I actually quizzed them during the game. They did ok - Girl did well (we'll see how the test really went this afternoon). FINALLY the White Sox won and it was time for OTH.

No one BREATHED through the credits while they were waiting to see if Dan was included, and then there was this giggle, evil laugh, chuckle - whatever - when, indeed, he was there (like the writers would be stupid enough to kill off THE bad guy). When I first started "drama grazing" on the show, it took a while to know which characters were which. I remembered Peyton, because she had curly hair (like me). This season, she got a brand new "do". I want it! Its short (not short short, but shoulder length, which is shorter than mine - see pic on post below), and is has many fun layers and it's straight. I can do my hair straight when it's shorter. MUCH less maintenance than this curly ball of frizz. So, this morning, I hit all of the OTH websites and blogsites looking for pics of this new do. It took me all morning until I finally found a few that a) I could drag to my desktop and print and b)showed enough angles to give to a stylist.

Now, I don't normally follow the latest trends in hair cuts, but this one REALLY looks like it would work. PC told me to go for it and he is the one who least wants me to cut my hair. Of course, now his will definitely be longer than mine!!! I found the number of the place in LG that he recommended and I have an appt. for Friday night. We shall see. I AM excited, though. This will be something fun!

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Katie said...

chica! por que?? me gusta el pelo... :-(
I guess I qualify as a totally uncool teenager, as I have not caught on to the OTH thing. Though, I do follow Gilmore Girls, Laguna Beach, and The Real World. Other than those shows, this chick has NO time for TV. Are you kidding me!? With 3 honors classes, an AP class, chemistry, and journalism...television hardly exists outside of those three shows. Sigh...great karaoke pics. I haven't been checking up on your site lately [bad, KR, bad] and it was fun reading everything. Wow, two teenagers. I didn't say it...nah.
You can't post as anonymous on my site? That's strange. Try again. ;-P
Love you.