Saturday, November 25, 2006

Another Day

I hope each of you is still enjoying this long weekend. It feels much more like Sunday than Saturday, but I certainly will not argue with the calendar. I quite enjoy the fact that there is still one more day to do all of the things that I still have yet to accomplish (everything). I have scads and scads of laundry to do, leftovers to retrieve, dishes to do...and the list goes on. I did not work out this morning like I'd promised myself I would, but Girl, PC, & I did take a nice brisk walk this morning; granted, it was to the local coffee shop and a quick stroll around our arts district, but a walk nonetheless.

As much as we try to sleep in on the weekends, that plan is usually thwarted by one thing or another. Today, nothing was standing in the way of spending some quality time snuggled up with my favorite pillow and my favorite man. I could sleep til 2 if I wanted. Well, apparently my internal clock had other plans. I was up. Early. Not insanely early, mind you, and still considerably later than I have to wake up tomorrow or the rest of the week, but too early for my last day to sleep in. Once we got moving and went for our walk, though, we were motivated for the rest of the day.

It's only a little after noon now and we've accomplished our major goal for today. Retrieving the Christmas decorations, starting to decorate inside, and assembling the tree and testing the lights. Unfortunately, with the tree, comes the elevated stress levels as we try to figure out branch goes where, and which boy end plugs into what girl end of the lights, and why a strand in the middle of the tree doesn't work, and WHERE THE HELL are we going to put the furniture that lives where the tree goes (it's not like we've got a big house). See the corner to the right of the window? That's where the tree lives. It means taking out the end table and lamp, sliding the loveseat down all the way to the wine cabinet, thus displacing PC's guitars. It means pushing the sofa all the way to the door so that when it opens the person sitting on it gets hit with the door. We'd put it on the opposite side of the room, but we have a baby grand piano and moving it is just not an option. SO, the tree lives in the same corner every year.

SmallBoy stayed at GR's last night and had a sleepover (he called her and asked, too! He LOVES SmallBoy & GR nights). Knowing the amount that the stress level gets raised on tree assembling day, we realized that putting it together today would be the best thing to do. With SmallBoy not here, he wouldn't be absorbing any of that tension. MARVELOUS thinking! Tomorrow, with SmallBoy, we will decorate (around softball practice, though). He only stays interested in the decorating for a little while, but there's no way that I will decorate the tree without my bug.

Girl, aka She-Who-Is-All-About-Christmas, began singing Christmas music in July -when we went through that God awful heat wave that melted my candles (or was that August). She was having a difficult time getting into the spirit today - ok, not a difficult time getting into the spirit, but having difficulty thinking that it's really time to be decorating, since it's, again, in the mid - 50's today. Next week, though, TOTALLY different story. ICE BOX! The guys are supposed to go on a camp out with the scouts next weekend, too...indoors, of course, but heated only by a wooden stove. Yeah, that should be a real adventure for my little Aspie who perseverates on how cold he is...once he finally gets cold,that is.

We've got basketball in a few hours, followed by dinner at my mother's, so I should probably get a move on and, well, you know, shower. Happy Leftovers to you all!

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