Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cookies and Code West

The only reason that I'm awake and posting right now, after a very late night playing with the band, is that I had to get up and sing at 9:00 mass this morning. Take the "outside voice" that I use for the band, use it to it's fullest potential inside of a smokey bar, while consuming only water, and the product the next morning is pretty scary. Of course drinking the water made it recover much more quickly. I think after the opening hymn I was ok, the psalm was a little shaky, but after that...BAM! I was ok.

Girl's class had a bake sale after all of the masses today to raise funds for all of the fun stuff they do this year. Each family was required to bake 5 items, or 5 plates of items, for the sale. We made my grandmother's chocolate chips, toffee bars, and lemon bars. We had plenty! We spent our Friday night of nothing to run to in the kitchen. LargeBoy was out, so PC ordered a pizza. He and Girl went to the grocery store to get our baking supplies, SmallBoy and I did some quick OT, and then we hit the mixers. Would my post be complete without pics? No way! So here are a few for your enjoyment:

What I really enjoy about THIS pic is the cookie dropper he's using. In theory, his motor skills should make this incredible difficult, yet he did it with ease, while I struggled doing it the way my mom always does with a spoon & knife. Here's a pic of Girl. She was bummed that I didn't take any pics of her baking, since this was for HER bake sale, so I took one of her licking the spoon.

...and one of her getting groomed by our OTHER OCF, Charley - she does this when you have wet hair or when she's feeling particularly lovey - which isn't very often because she's more of your typical aloof cat.

Sometimes she'll even hold your head while she chews your hair. It's quite hysterical.

Our band played last night at a bar that gives us a mixed feeling. We played our very first gigs there for minimal pay and were absolutely elated about it. Since then our relationship with this bar has changed tremendously, but they called and asked us to play, so we did. When we first started there, we weren't very good at all, but we worked our butts off and, after a while, we picked it up. This is also the same place where PC & I met, and where we fired our first guitar player to hire PC. We rocked. I stood on chairs, PC and I totally played off of one another, I played with the band..we had a blast and were a far cry from the first time we ever played there.

Now, I'm going to go wake up PC - which means I'm probably going to crawl back into bed and go back to sleep for an hour or so. Then, our modified schedule for the day is minor league hockey game outing with the scouts at 4, Girl's basketball game at 7 (if we get back in time). Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


Kristina Chew said...

Hope the bake sale went as well as the events leading up to it!

Laura said...

I'm telling you, I SO want to be a rock star like you. Seething with jealousy over here. Seething.