Monday, November 27, 2006

Hi, Moo!!!

I want to send a HUGE hello out to Moo - I believe Meem said you're in CA? I'm so happy to know I've got another reader out there.

Moo, I'm sure Meem has bragged about her LargeBoy, Girl, & SmallBoy, and I'm sure she's shown you, or emailed you pictures, but I doubt she has any like these:

We did these with this hysterical photo program that came on my mother's new laptop. We had such a scream doing them. I'm only in two or three near the end, but you really can't tell it's me. In one, though, it's a dark black background with a blue scratch effect - you CAN tell my glasses are on! There's another kind of Andy Warhol - ish at the very end that's SmallBoy & me. The rest are the kids with each other, and then the kids & PC. MUCH fun was had with this! Mom, we're stealing your laptop!


Laura said...

Nice dental work there. Hee.

gretchen said...

Sorry to be late in wishing a happy birthday!! You guys posting every day really throw me off after a long weekend! There's a lot of reading to catch up on.

So Happy Birthday, and you were right about the water heater- had to replace it this weekend :-(

kyra said...

that is a RIOT!!! i want that photo program!

Moi ;) said...

What program is this? It's a scream!