Saturday, November 11, 2006

So, Really, it's Saturday?

Wow...having yesterday off of work really threw me for a loop. I keep thinking it' Sunday and that I'm forgetting to do something. Nope. Stayed up late last night and woke up thinking it was Sunday. Thankfully not, because I have so many things I have to do tomorrow, that the day will be gone as soon as I get out of bed. Today, though, is catching up with friends day.

I've been trying to get to all of YOU to catch up, but I've been fighting my family for computer time. If I don't get to you today, though, I'll there soon. I had to take Girl to basketball practice this morning, so while she was there, I worked on popped around the internet. Marti, thank you for your comment to yesterday's post. I relayed to SmallBoy what you said and put it in comparison to other kids on the spectrum and he was delighted that he is able to do something that is difficult for many others like him. It made him feel SO much better about himself.

I just hung up with my Girlfriend, with whom I haven't gotten much time to chat. We are both so busy now, that we see each other in passing more than anything. This is the Girlfriend who hopped in the handbasket with me on the ride through Hell and back again. This Girlfriend was the only person, outside of my mother and my sister (and now PC) to know my deepest darkest secret. We were always in touch before, commiserating, crying, propping the other up, hand holding, supporting our kids through it all. Now, we're both insanely busy (and crazy) moms. Our chances to talk are in the hall at parent-teacher conferences (remind me to post on that, k?), in the grocery store, or if we're at something involving our LargeBoys. It was SO nice to sit and chat for a few minutes today. We both have birthdays this month, so we're going to make it a point to get together for that. She told me that some of one of her clients is a school that works with kids on the spectrum and, that, just by learning what she has from me & SmallBoy, that she's been able to use that knowledge to better serve her clients. That was truly wonderful. This particular Girlfriend also falls into the categorization of PHENOMENAL mom (though she'll argue with me about that). I have to share with you one of her House Rules - and she had many and all of the kids that came through her house KNEW her rules. This one is my favorite, though, and now is used in my house when roughhousing gets a little out of control, "Mrs. Girlfriend is NOT going to the emergency room today!" Smoochies, Doll!

Continuing on the catching up with friends road, our friends K&J called us up and invited us, and the kids (they're slightly crazy and sadistic...tee hee hee) out to dinner tonight. We miss them TONS and they are two of our dearest friends. We only live a matter of blocks from each other, but getting all of our work schedules to allow us free time all at the same time is incredibly difficult. Since K left her job where I work for a new (and MUCH better paying) job, she's working funky hours. When we all do get together though, it's always a rip roaring good time. We are looking very forward to this. The best part about going out with these friends is that they get SmallBoy. They will not have any issues or notions about what going out to dinner is like with a child on the spectrum. To them, SmallBoy is just SmallBoy. I'm very excited about dinner. I'll start prepping SmallBoy in a bit. Right now he's on his way down to start his laundry - yes, he's doing his LAUNDRY- by HIMSELF!

Well, it's been nice catching up with you, but it's freezing in my kitchen and my Love is on his way upstairs for a nap. Think I'll go join him.


kyra said...

oh, i LOVE that you have that girlfriend! how wonderful for both of you. someone who was willing to go to hell and back with her pal. that's rare.

Kristina Chew said...

And a Girlfriend who's a friend to Smallboy too---and doing his own laundry!????!!

Anonymous said...

was just browsing and found your site. working mother of 3.

always nice to have friends....

just read kathy ireland's book and is amazing. when i have time (not too often) i go back to specific chapters and it helps me come back to earth.