Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself... steal from the Rolling Stones. Now that I'm participating in NaBloPoMo, I'm finding that - surprise! - there are more people out there that I DON'T KNOW...nor do they know me. Not only that, but MOST of you haven't seen the REST of my family. I have come across this fabulous site, thanks to Blogorrhea, that is a slide show generator. I'm going to make one for the band's myspace site too, cuz myspace only gives you 2 slideshow options, and only lets you upload 16pics. This one has, well, more than 16!

Scroll down a bit to the sidebar and meet my family...and then scroll down and read today's other post about Princess and her intense relationship with creamed corn.


Daydream believer said...

Very cool thanks for the tip! Like the blog, will check back...working mom myself.

Anonymous said...

That slide thing IS pretty neat, isn't it?