Thursday, November 09, 2006


Girl's class, after having spent 10, some of them 11, years at this school (having been there since PK-3), gets spoiled in this their 8th grade, and final year. The class takes many fun and exciting trips. Last week, they went downtown to see an off-Broadway musical, The Pirate Queen, preceeded by lunch at the Signature Room of the John Hancock Building. It was quite the long day for the kids, but they had a blast. They had to dress up for the trip, and that was fine with them...very rarely do they get to wear makeup and jewelry, oh yes, and be in something other than the school uniform. It's fun to see them all gussied up from time to time, they look like different kids! The girls all did their hair, the boys donned ties. They left school at 8:45 and didn't get back until 6:00.

Ahh, m'ija, she's so cute. She loves her family. She loves her friends. She loves sports. She loves doing "girl'y" stuff. She loves a good "skwahtchy" (Wittew Goowah speak for "scratchy" - when she wants her back scratched). As evidenced by the previous sentence, she loves, from time to time, to be a wittew goowah again. She loves music - listening and playing. She LOVES a good argument (I suppose she gets that from me). She loves following politics (unheard of when I was her age). She loves hard work (STILL very much unheard of in teens).

She is growing up fast. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with her. Perhaps I'll put her in a convent until she's 80. That should solve all of my problems. That will keep her moral standards high, keep her faith strong, and, most importantly, KEEP THE BOYS AWAY!

Next year is high school, and she's already talking about where she wants to go to college - and none of her choices are close by; the closest being about 6hrs away, the farthest being thousands of miles away (KH, she wants to go to YOUR school!) What I really take comfort in, however, is the fact that, in many ways my daughter is just like me and will always need her mommy. She'll always have inside of her that wittew goowah who wants to snuggle and get skwatchied. Oh yeah, and that she LOVES to be a big goof - just take a peek at some of the pics in the slide show! She's a good kid. She's going to be a strong woman.

Ok, Wittew Goowah - time to stop all this growing up! You're making me old!


mcewen said...

I'm so glad that there is someone else out there who has to deal with a big age gap in their children. Cheers.

Laura said...

Yet another beautiful redhead in the world!

What a great kid she is.

Kristina Chew said...

A great one, indeed----she has a great role model, of course.