Sunday, November 12, 2006

No Break til Next Year

My Not-So-SmallBoy is melting, PC & I are melting, Girl is melting. Today is insane, and the rest of the week, month, year is only getting worse as far as obligations overlapping one another...and sadly, nothing is able to be rescheduled or cancelled. Today, we woke up to a phone call from Snood to tell Girl that she was supposed to be at church altar serving 11:00 mass. This was at 10:40. Needless to say, she didn't get there on time.

SmallBoy's been totally off kilter the last couple of weeks, but more particularly, the last few days. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with school, because he's been having more meltdowns and angry outbursts there, or if those are the result of other things. It JUST dawned on me that, DUH, this week, alone, has been crazy. They had 1/2days of school on W & Th due to conferences, Friday off for Veteran's day. That's enough to throw him, hell, look at what just having Friday off did to me. To add to it, we're putting our dog down sometime this week, she's barely able to walk and has been chewing herself bloody for a while now. We've had her in a victorian collar, and she, like SmallBoy, has no spatial awareness whatsoever, so she's running into things, trashing the cone, hurting herself. It's sad, but she's old. However, I'm wondering if THAT, too, is weighing on him.

Our schedule's have been SO insane lately, that we haven't had much one-on-one time with SmallBoy and, when we do, he's so wound up from holding it together that he just comes apart then. Last night, after dinner with K&J, he invited them to come over for a bit, which was a GREAT step for him. They came for about an hour, but then needed to get home. He just lost it. Cried his eyes out, "I don't want them to go home." Try as I might to reassure him that they had things they needed to do at home and that they would love to stay, but couldn't, he just bawled. After they left, we got him to calm down and played a game of dominoes with him. When he lost, after winning every time the day before, he got terribly upset and frustrated. He's been making such huge strides at accepting things like this, that I can only surmise that something else is going on which I have not yet been able to identify.

Today, we found out that in addition to the Cub Scout meeting this afternoon and the one on Saturday afternoon and the Scout outing to the hockey game on Sunday, there's also a big Pack meeting on Thursday night at which his Den has the opportunity to do the flag ceremony. The problem being that this directly conflicts with OT, which is every Thursday from 6:15 - 7:15. Scouts is at 7:00. The flag ceremony at 7:03. We WOULD just leave OT early this week except that he SO desperately needs every second of OT this week. He's totally distraught about this. We're talking about it and working on it, and I know he'll come around, but I just feel SO bad that I can't get "in" when he's this upset.

We looked at the rest of the week and it's awful as far as time and schedules. He's going to break and I'm worried for him. He needs some time to come out of this, some time when life's not turned every which way....even if it's not HIS schedule, he sees the constant coming and going of everyone else and I think that really really throws him. We were hoping that perhaps the week after would die down a bit. HA! Week after is Thanksgiving week...1/2 day on Wed, no school on Th or F, running around and holding it together on Thursday (my bday, I should have the kids but they want to go to the other family because that's "what they do" for Thanksgiving - long story, another post). PC and I realized that there IS no break to be found until January. UGH!

This week looks like this (and this is without factoring in the time we have to leave to drive to any of these destinations:

TODAY: 10:45 - Girl at church to altar serve 11:00 mass (she didn't make it), 11:45 - Girl Basketball practice, 1:00 - Girl softball practice (which she didn't make because she was still at basketball),
3:00 - SmallBoy & PC - Scouts, 4:45 - me at church to cantor 5:00 mass.

M: 7:00am Girl at school for a yearbook meeting. That's it. Nothing else.

T: 7:00 Parent meeting at school for Reconciliation preparation for SmallBoy, 7:30 - Girl at the gym for her 8:00 basketball game, 8:00 Girl's basketball game, 9:30-9:45 LEAVE for home.

W: 6:00 Girl softball practice, 7:30 Girl at gym 30minutes away for 8:00 game. 8:00 Girl Basketball game. 9:15 Leave for home.

Th: 6:15 - SmallBoy OT, 7:00 Cub Scout Meeting (the flag ceremony one), 8:00 Girl Game, 8:30 we get to game, 9:30- 9:45 Leave for home (SmallBoy in tow for this one). F: 7:30pm Girl at gym 30mins away for 8:00 game., 8:00 game (they have good snacks at this gym), 9:15 Leave for home.

Sat. Early AM take LargeBoy driving since there wasn't any time during the week, 1:30 Girl at gym 15minutes away for 2:00 game, 2:00 Girl - game, 2:00 SmallBoy Scouts, 6:30 pack up gear and set up for band's gig, 2am - leave for home.

Sun: 8:45 - me at church to cantor 9:00am mass, TBD - Girl at gym for basketball game(time depends on W or L from Sat's game), 1:00 - Girl softball practice, 4:00 Scout Hockey game.

I'm going to pass out now. Nope. No time. I have to go get dressed for church. It's 3:15 and I have to leave at about 4:30. I still look like death warmed over when I climbed out of bed. PC took the camera with him to the scout outing, so hopefully I'll have some pics for you tomorrow. This is good, though, that PC is going with SmallBoy today, without me. It gives them some good bonding time. Next Sat, I'll go while PC takes Girl to her game. Ok, gotta go put my contacts in and find some clean "churchy" clothes.


Laura said...

Where is LargeBoy? Does he have any activities? Does he drive a car? Because if he does drive a car you should put that boy to work, pronto! What good are children if you can't employ them as free labor? Hee.

mommyguilt said...

AH...yes, the LargeBoy factor. Sadly, he can't get his license until at least January after the semester is over. But boy, oh boy...yes, THEN he will be the unpaid taxi driver (it'll give him some good appreciation for what it's like).

kyra said...

oh, smallboy. my heart is with you all over there. it must be VERY unsettling for him to have all these schedule changes. couldn't that and that alone account for the difficulties? so much stress and no time to decompress? this season is so intense and it's already started. plus the time FLIES by so it does make it hard for to catch one's breath. i'm sending calming and grounding thoughts his way. xx