Friday, November 03, 2006

Fake it Til You Make it

I had this elaborate plan for today's posting all about how I'm struggling with this whole idea of moving: if it's even a financially viable option (since I owe SO many people SO much money), if it's the best thing for the kids, how much grief we may or may not get from Ex, and if we get grief, will it take so long to resolve that we lose any house we make an offer on, will we be able to sell our house, will we be able to sell our house for enough money to pay off some of the debts we have AND make a downpayment on a house, can we..., will there be..., how will...

Yes, it was a lovely post. I'll probably post it tomorrow, maybe today, doubtful, but maybe. Why, on day 3 of NaBloPoMo am I wussing on a short post like this instead of such a deep, thought provoking, multiple comment provoking post? Cuz I don't feel good. In the words that I emailed to my mother this mornin, "I'n sick." Yes, that says "I'n" cuz that's how I said it when I was a wittew goowah. My head hurts, my tummy hurts, my eyes burn, I feel like a got hit, not by a mack truck, but by a caravan of mack trucks. I haven't been sick in a while, and I have a feeling that this, too, shall pass. But I just feel like crap, and I don't want to waste a really good post on a crappy feeling day - it will NOT be well written at all, and will probably just end up a stream of ramblings.

Oh, but I must add, PM, if you didn't see the Halloween post 2 below this one, LargeBoy had a WONDERFUL time and thanks you profusely for supplying him with bagel dogs. He loves them and I just haven't bought them in forever. Thanks for your insights, too. They will be a real live point when I mange to get the post written that I would have written today had I not felt like total and complete shit.

Thank you all for reading today. Drop by again later, perhaps I'll feel re-energized and post that post after all. Perhaps not, so drop by tomorrow too.


PM said...

Hey Girlfriend!

You know any child of yours is a child of mine. We've been to war and back and can all still talk about it. I forget how much I miss everyone until they bless my house. I'm always a good sounding board on the issues at hand since since "my ex-wife" is a doozy. Also, have done serious research on the neighborhood and the status of selling. I, too, have been looking into it, not to leave the "hood" but to grow and possibly diversify. Dinner?

Love you


kyra said...

aw. so sorry y'in sick. i'll send healing vibes.