Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back to Reality

This is what an escape from reality feels like Posted by Hello

This was back on New Year's Eve at my wedding. We had a blast! What a total break from the world for a while. We took a week honeymoon and were able to actually feel like newlyweds with no kids or other responsibilities. Then we came home. Back to reality.

We experienced the same feeling this weekend. After a long, stressful week of taking SmallBoy for testing, stressing over the ridiculous cost and how to manage to keep the bill collectors at bay for a while until the insurance check come in, getting a real diagnosis of Asperger's for SmallBoy, stressing over what it is going to cost to get SmallBoy the help that he will need to succeed in life, missing Girl's softball tournament ::exhale::, PC and I took off for the weekend to help his parents open up their summer home in Michigan. It was wonderful. We planted flowers, went to a fancy schmancy party, hung out at a beach fire until 4 in the morning (and we were clearly at least 10 yrs older than anyone on the beach), shopped and people watched with PC's cousins...we just had an all out great time.

Then we came home.

Today was back into the swing of things. Thank GOD yesterday was Memorial Day and no one had to find school uniforms or get up early for work. Today....well....in the office by 7, running around not getting caught up because I was doing all of the HR paperwork for our summer help, at work til 5, at Girl's recital by 6, just now settling down. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to sneak in a shower!!!!

Oh how I long for those little breaks! Can I bribe anyone to watch Dog and feed Furrballs this weekend...we need to get away again!!! We're actually looking into services that will come and walk the dog, play with the dog & cats, a couple times a day. GREAT idea. Unfortunately, that mixes the escape right back with reality. Why? MONEY!!! Well, I suppose I should feed the children. PC is at work tonight which means I have to cook - Hmmph!

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