Monday, May 16, 2005

The Sick Mama Update

I really never thought that one person could have so much snot! I have finally managed to get it all out of my chest and lungs, but now it's back in my head, manifesting itself as a sinus infection. It is just WRONG....doesn't my body know that I have three children and a husband that I'd like to spend time with? Preferably in a conscious state? Geez O Petes!

The weekend was crazy with pretty much no downtime. Friday night, right from work, PC and I went to the rehearsal & dinner for his cousin's wedding, Saturday was the wedding..somehow, I did manage to sing, and they thought it was good, so I won't argue. After the wedding, we visited with some of my husband's friends from out of town and didn't feel the comforting coolness of my sheets until well after 2a.m. Sunday, Oh, Sunday...slept the morning away, met with my sister to pick out bridesmaids' dresses ( I get to be her M.O.H!!!), all while hocking up a lung, possibly two. Managed to make it home before my head completely exploded and helped PC with our new least as much as I was able. Changed for 5:00 mass where I had to sing with each note reverberating off of my eardrums and echoing through my sinus cavities. Picked the kids up from their dad's house on the way back from mass and, such is life on Sunday night during school.....

I feel miserable tonight and stuffed and just genearally yicky, so I'm going to bed as soon as I finish this post. SmallBoy and Girl are both in bed, and I can hear LargeBoy's X-Box in the basement. I think Girl has to be at school extra early tomorrow morning, so I think that means I have to leave early in the morning. Unfortunately, feeling this rotten has caused me to have to take a pass on going out with my wonderful husband on his birthday. We were supposed to meet up with his Evil Twin (aka ET) and his fiancee to celebrate. Tonight, sadly, I stayed behind and sent PC on his way, because I knew that had I gone with, I would have been cranky and miserable and a general pain in the ass by 10:15 and a big ol' party pooper...which would have made him feel bad for taking me out. Soooooooooo....I made him go without me, about which he was understanding, but not amused. On any other night...let me rephrase that, on any healthy night, I could do that, AND somehow stay awake at work the next day. Right now, when I wake up, my body is so exhausted, that all I can do is count the hours until I can crawl back in and go to sleep.

It's now time for this sick mama to get her butt to bed. Until tomorrow.....

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Anonymous said...

Hi P-Nut! I can totally sympathize with the snot phenomenon. Its amazing. And disgusting. I can't even tell you how many boxes of kleenex I've gone through in the past month. Anywho, your flowers are in and you need to come get them. They are bee-you-tee-ful. Oh, and Happy Birthday Mike.