Monday, May 23, 2005

Team SmallBoy Off & Running

We took SmallBoy for the first day of his two day neuropsych eval to formally diagnose his Asperger's. The neuropsych was wonderful with him. She came out and chatted with him for a while so he felt comfortable with him. Instead of telling him that they would be doing tests and other icky things, she told him that they would be doing a bunch of things to find out what he's really good at. He seemed to be very pleased with that. She told him today they would be doing some math, reading, and spelling. She let him know that some of the questions would be so easy that he would ask, "Why are you asking me? I already know that." She then told him that some things she would ask of him would be very hard and that it would be perfectly fine if he didn't know the answers, that most of the kids don't know all of the answers. That made him feel a whole lot better.

Apparently I was more nervous than SmallBoy, as I wasn't very at ease until today was over. He was just fine. He was most excited when it was over and the dr. let him pick from her prize can. He thought that was really really cool.

We go back for part two on Wednesday and then on Friday for follow up discussion of his results with the doctor. I am nervous about that, too, but I'm a mom. I'm also a worrywort. I'm excited, though, because now Team SmallBoy is truly at work. We are working towards finding out exactly what it is that we need to do to help him be just like the rest of the kids. That pleases me. He is so incredibly smart and he can absolutely sense now that he is different from the rest of the kids in his class. We work our strategies at being okay with things and being flexible, but now we're on the road to getting the support we need.

Well, best be on my way. Off from work, but way too much to be doing at home to be sitting here on the computer.

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