Monday, May 09, 2005

The "Ex" Factor

As I sit to write this article, I'm taken aback by the fact that I haven't written more on this topic...of course, that would be it's own blog.

SmallBoy had a t-ball game on Saturday morning. It was a brisk morning, but the sun was out. PC had stopped and picked up a coffee and a donut for the two of us for breakfast, and for warming our hands and tummies). The game was awesome! SmallBoy's team won the game and beat one of the "unbeatable" teams. He was ecstatic! At the post-game wrap-up, the coach reminded parents and players that order forms and money for the Little League outing to Comiskey Park - no, I will NOT call it Cell Phone Field - were due and that he would like them turned in at Monday's practice. The light bulb went on in my head and signaled to some filing cabinet deep in my brain that I had, several weeks earlier, received the order sheets and hadn't even given them a thought since the due date seemed so far off. Second light bulb went on signaling an even more remote filing cabinet that I would need to ask the father of my children, let's just call him Ex, if he would be planning on going and, if so, how many tickets would he need now that he is married and with family. Mental note: Call Ex later and find out.

"Later" became a trip to a ridiculously remote suburb to watch my daughter's softball tournament, which then became a trip to church where my bronchitis and I attempted to sing in front of the entire congregation, which then became a trip to my in-laws for a visit with some out of town guests, which then became good-night Irene, which then became Mother's Day, which then rolled into today. Needless to say, Ex did not receive a call. Girl was planning on speaking with her father today so I asked her to find out if he was planning on attending the Sox game and if so, how many tickets he would like for me to reserve for him. Well, Ex was not amused that I did not call him the second I received the order sheet. I'm expecting a ranting and raving call later this evening. What can I do, but tell him, hey, things get busy, I work, I was sick, get over it! Right?!? At least I didn't go ahead and order and not bother to include him at all.


MIL said...

My Dear little Mommy-guilt girl. I happen to be witness to your fabulous mommying--is that a word? No guilt needed. Now...can you guess what MIL stands for? Maybe I should just become Milly.

mommyguilt said...

Thanks Milly -

To paraphrase The Little Princess (see, she has a name now, too), he's a butt-monkey! Thanks for your wonderfulness!