Monday, May 02, 2005

Party Aftermath

We made it through another weekend filled with family parties and softball tournaments. Absolutely crazy, though. Girl ended up getting a softball to the face at practice on Friday evening, PC ended up hurting his back lifting a box to help me out -don't worry, MIL, I've got him under control - PC & I are both sick today, but the kids are all better and off at school.

The party was wonderful. Family filled our home, some came early, some stayed later. LargeBoy almost grossed enough just from this party to purchase the video camera that he desperately desires, and SmallBoy did well enough that we put some into his college fund and left him some to spend as he desires. I'm very proud of my boys at such milestones. As I am under the weather and home sick today, my "writing brain" is not really up to snuff, so I don't know how much I'll get written today, or, how well it will be written. For now, though, I think I'm going to make a cup of tea, check on PC, kick the OCF off of my side of the bed, and crawl back in with a good movie. I've brought a variety to the bedroom...western, extreme comedy, and tearjerker. I'll probably fall asleep during any given one, since that's my nature...oooh, wait, I also have a TV show up here that I can watch!!! I can't make decisions this morning, I'll just grab whatever is on top.

Yes, Mother, I'm going to bed now. I promise. Citations, if I can manage to get my car out of the garage, I will try to get over there this evening or tomorrow to pick those planters up. My garage door opener decided not to work yesterday...the main one in the garage, so it's all up and down with the door....ICK.

Ok friends and fam, I'm off to sleep. Nighty Night.

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Citations said...

Too much partying, Pnut? Feel better soon.