Thursday, May 05, 2005

Location, Location, Location

Changing topics today. Today I am acting as a big sister instead of a mommy. My mission is to find the perfect wedding spot for my sister. She will be getting married this August, so, as you see, we need to find THE perfect spot NOW. She really really would like to get married on a beach. We wanted to incorporate that Michigan commercial - you know, the one with the little girl reciting a poem she wrote:

Sand between my toes,
.....oh sand between my toes

................I miss you, whoa whoa whoa

. Last year I brought her a bag of sand from the beach in Michigan and poured it on her toes and I thought she was going to die laughing.

Ok, back to the subject. I need to help her find just the right spot. She would prefer a quiet location, on a beach somewhere, no further than a drive of an hour or two. We had a location in mind, but it was a little too complicated, so we decided to find another spot. She does not want your typical banquet style wedding reception that is so stuffy and hoity toity, she wants something fun. It doesn't necessarily have to be a beach, that's just her ideal location.

My husband and I were married in a barn. It was souped up to hold dog shows, parties, line dancing nights, etc...but it was a barn, nonetheless. We were able to have a horse with us for pictures, there were games for the kids, the guests didn't feel that it was necessary to get all fancy-schmancy unless they desired to do so, the food was served buffet style. It was FUN. The kids didn't have to be bored. They were able to play video games, pop-a-shot, or a shooting gallery type of game. There were animals outside, it was wonderful.

My sis and I are very much the same in that we like things to be a little different than the ordinary. I am taking any suggestions you may have as to locations and fun things. Please, oh please, oh please, leave me your suggestions. I will be forever thankful to you!

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