Thursday, May 12, 2005

Laundry from Hell

I am a working mom. I do not have an "Alice" or a "Hazel". Lord knows I wish I did. I do, however, have three children. Wonderful as they are, they clutter my laundry room, bury the floor, block the way to the cats' litterbox, and the result is a laundry hill with a base as wide as my laundry room floor and a peak of about 2 1/2 ft. This is INSANE! My children wear uniforms to school. How can they have THAT MANY DIRTY CLOTHES??? I just don't get it. LargeBoy wears his school pants all day, no matter how much I ask him to change, so it's not like he's dirtying up his jeans. Girl changes after school, but it's usually into another uniform for sports, and then, from there, into her jammies. SmallBoy changes eventually out of his uniform into regular play clothes and then jammies. Ok, so they all change multiple times, but what is on my floor is much much more than a few changes of clothes.

Try as I might, much as I threaten, ground, take away TV, make them wear their dirty clothes because they haven't stepped up to the plate, I cannot make my children wash their own laundry. When they were younger, I stayed home. I ran a daycare from my home. I was able to do, they were little, they couldn't be expected to do laundry at 4 and 6 years old. They are now 14 1/2, 12 1/2, & 8 1/2. I think they can handle it. I have seen them do it. They listen to me rant and rave about how I can't walk through the laundry room to do MY laundry because their laundry is all over the place. They listen to me holler when they're complaining to me, "MOM! I have no socks!" or

"MOM! I have no clean uniform!"or

"MOM! I can't find my t-ball pants!"or, the best of the best, "MOM!!!! I have NO UNDERWEAR!"

I have gone so far as to go on strike. Fat lot of good that did! I've told them, "Tough, you'll just have to be naked." HA! I've given them laundry days. If they miss their day, oh well! And THEN...when the laundry manages to actually get done, it sits in the basket until it's so wrinkled, even an entire can of starch won't fix it and it has to get washed again.

This is CRAZY!!!

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Citations said...

Been there. Am there. They're starting to get better about doing their own laundry, but only slightly better and they're older than yours. I still can't get my HUSBAND to put away clean clothes, much less the kids.

It. Is. Never. Done.