Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Birthday List

I was inspired by Sal's post at Octoberbabies. LOVED her list. Since my bday is coming up soon (11/23), I thought I'd make my list available to all of you who love to get me presents. The number of items in no way, shape, or form, corresponds with my age, however. Some are material, some are dreams, some are just WAY out there!

1. This autism awareness bracelet - which I found through Sal's list. It's beautiful and, if you read the description, is perfect for portraying autism.

2. SLEEP - I'm tired of constantly feeling rundown - even with exercise & vitamins.

3. To have my bday off work. Wed. is my boss' regular day off of work and I have to be here when she's not, so calling in sick on my bday is just not a luxury I can afford.

4. Clothes - I don't have enough. The ones in my closet are either too small (from when I was terribly sick) or too big (from when I got over being terribly sick, but before I started exercising).

5. Shoes - to go with the clothes, of course.

6. Someone to do my laundry - just to get me caught up, just this once.

7. A new water heater. I am so tired of the river that runs through my basement - which is now forming a pond at the base of the water heater. Sadly, a new one's just not in the budget.

8. To be financially able to work part-time so that I can still do all of the things I need to with SmallBoy.

9. To finish college - Sal, I'm so inspired by you. Yeah, it took you a long time, but I'm going on 7 years already, and I haven't been to school since '01 when I filed for divorce.

10. A recording contract. Working towards that more now than before - at least I have a band now.

11. Pumpkin Pie - my standard birthday cake - although, my brother-in-law makes a KILLER Red Velvet cake. I must have my pumpkin pie - cold (yeah, I'm weird that way) with TONS of whipped cream. Given where my birthday falls, Pumpkin pie has pretty much always been my birthday cake - and I sure as hell ain't complaining.

12. To learn to play guitar. PC's been trying to teach me, but I'm such a bad student that I can't keep my nails short - partially because I always cut them too short and then they look bad and hurt...which leads me to...

13. A serious gift certificate to Picacalah (translated - "Pick a color", what the ladies say when you walk in) to keep my short guitar fingers manicured nicely so I don't keep getting ingrowns when I cut them that short.

14. A couple of RDI workshops, asperger's workshops that aren't ridiculously expensive AND in my area.

15. A second honeymoon with my husband.

16. OT for SmallBoy

17. A GET-OUT-OF-DEBT-FREE card (cuz Lord knows I've got entirely too much.

18. Cable

19. Time to sit down and have dinner with my family every night.

20. Happy time spent with my sisters.

21. Everything to be ok.

22. A new car. My station wagon's really just going downhill. I bought it when I had to sell my Durango after my divorce (God, I LOVED my Durango). LargeBoy was, at the time, playing the cello, and I needed a vehicle large enough to schelp it and three kids around in. LargeBoy no longer plays the cello. I no longer need the Family Truckster.

23. A Scott Podsednik Jersey for Girl.

24. To have Ex understand and "get" SmallBoy.

25. Warm weather.

26. One last excursion to Michigan to take a photo of the cottage up the hill from ours - for our "kitchen window" art - another blog for another time.

27. Happiness and healing for all of those who need it, especially those I love the most.

28. A SNOW DAY on 11/28 so I don't have to go back to work after the long weekend.

29. Someone ELSE to get up at the crack of dawn the day after Thanksgiving and do all my shopping for me - oh, yes, with his/her own money (since I have NONE).

30. A film editing system for LargeBoy - oh and a new computer for him too.

31. CASH...Lots and Lots of CASH.

32. A free weekend to have cookie day at my house.

33. Good hair.

34. The night home alone with PC.

Nope. Not 34. Only those who know me know how old I am. But it's not 34.


gretchen said...

I wish I could join you and Sal for a birthday party- either in New York or Chicago! (Or I guess you could meet in Ohio where I am, but that doesn't sound like as much fun.)

Happy early birthday!

mommyguilt said...

Are you a November too????

felicity said...

Hi MommyGuilt, It's me Felicity from ThisMom re flannel pj's?...I actually work in an OFFICE...I'm a secretary (I have my OWN office) but because I'm a secretary at an agency that is part of a university, I can get away with some crazier clothing. Creative. Plus no one ever really sees me except my bosses. And thankfully they value my wokr over my wardrobe. But anyways, you're welcome to come work here. We'll find ya something.

mommyguilt said...

Thanks Felicity! Nice to know there's always a job out there! Especially one that lets you go to work in jammies! I'll stop by and check out your blog in a bit. SmallBoy's getting ready to do a posting on his blog (TeamSmallBoy.blogspot.com).

SullenBunny said...

Thanks so much for the link to the info sheet. I can really use it seeing as how I have a big meeting coming up at school and the teacher/counselor/etc are the types who really need to see something like that.

I hope all of your birthday dreams come true! You are a great lady and you desreve all the happiness and magic life can offer.

I love that bracelt, I'm turning the big 3-0 on 12/2 and I wonder if I can get my hubby to get me something spiffy like that....

Juggling Mother said...

I'm sending you birthday wishes & I hope you get at least some of what you want.

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks too, & I'd be happy with anything off your list:-) (except pumpkin pie - never tried it, everyone over here who has says it's horrible - not sure if it's our cooking, or our pumpkins that are the problem)

I always take my birthdsay as leave from work - I book it a year in advance if necessary. I worked it one year & it was just horrible.

Octoberbabies said...

Ah, November's a lovely, lovely month! I love your list! I make a killer pumpkin pie. Perhaps I'll fedex you one if you send me a red velvet!!!!


gretchen said...

No- I was an "Octoberbaby" also (13th)- Just trying to get in on the birthday action...

I didn't make a list like this for my birthday, so I had to get myself some Harry Potter paper products upon which to eat my ice cream cake.

mommyguilt said...

LOLOLOL....I forgot to add HP to my list. That's what I want to do on my bday is go see the movie!!!