Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Girl's Big Night

I almost forgot...BAD BAD MAMA! Girl's basketball team played the first home game of the season to start of the second of their three leagues. There has been a rivalry between our school and this other school for a LONG time, especially with these particular teams. The games get ugly, the parents (typically from the other school) get ugly, and there's usually a lot of skin left on the floor.

The teams were squadded "right" last night so that a good majority of our key players were there and the girls went out to an early 6-0 lead. As the half went on, the other team caught up, and before we could blink we were down 19-10. After a bunch of terrible calls (both ways) and a pep talk and refueling at halftime, our girls came back to tie the game 20-20 at the final buzzer. OT. Ok, this was good, but nerve wracking. OT ended in a tie and we went to another overtime period.

The girls on both teams were tired, but we had more players, thus, more subs, so we had much more spark left...not to mention determination. After two thwarted fast break attempts during the game, Girl totally SWOOSHED a three-pointer!!!!!!! The other team managed to hit one free throw after that, so the margin of victory was 2points, but Girl nailed it and saved the game! We were all up screaming and yelling and jumping....while the parents from the other school were complaining that their daughters got fouled and the COACH for the other team was ripping the girls a new one. We were appalled...the game went to double OT, both teams worked their butts off!

It was AWESOME. I'm so proud!!!!


Eileen said...

That's awesome! Great job Girl for hitting the 3 pointer for the win!

Felicity said...

woo hoo big high fives to Girl for that! ! amazing. empowering. exciting.
gotta say it: thank you title IX.

GR said...

Absolutely fantabulous Girl!!!! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Wto go, Becky and...da whole rest of the team too!
Grampa John

Anonymous said...

Is Girl's real name Michelle JORDAN???

Excellent job!

Unc T