Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Recovery

Ok, that's over. It was fun, though, despite the drizzle. Sorry I don't have any pics, but my memory card is full and my download cable is AWOL. I mentioned before that SmallBoy was going as Darth Vader. Well, after the first 1/2 block of Trick or Treating with the voice changer mask, SmallBoy decided it was too tight, and so PC had to carry it the rest of the way around. What was really funny was that he would get his candy, say his "thank you", and then skip to the next house. Big bad intimidating Darth Vader - skipping. It was funny. Actually, skipping is one of the GOOD gross motor skills he has (much better than running - no clumsy in his skipping).

Girl - well, how do I describe her costume? Hmmm....Ok, this is how I described it to my sister: Raggedy Ann meets Pippi Longstocking and raided the clown make up (not so clown-ish, but pale face, big doll eyebrows, pink cheeks). It really was cute. LargeBoy went this year for the first time in a long time, after a harrowing Halloween experience. He and his friends went out right after school, so I didn't get a chance to see him until he came home when he was, simply, LargeBoy.

All candy has been checked, picked over, and traded...PC is still trying to bribe the kids out of their Dots, though. We told them that if we found any candy wrappers on the floor, regardless of their owner, ALL the candy would then get defaulted to PC & me. Pretty harsh, huh? SmallBoy finally crashed out about 9:30, but then was up before me this morning...go figure. hmmm...I had something else I wanted to say, but I can't remember.

Elaine - go back to the comments from yesterday. I added a couple more answers to the knock knock joke. Marti - THANK YOU! I ordered both books this morning. Sullen Bunny - just checking in on you today!!!


SullenBunny said...

I brought a backpack for my Vader-son's voice changer mask. I knew I would be lugging it so I planned ahead.

And I HEAR YA about the Xmas thing. I say no mention of it should be allowed til near T'giving time but that's just my opinion. Big Retail obviously has other plans though.

SullenBunny said...

pS. I just read your comment, thanks for stopping by :-)

kyra said...

wow. dots are the in candy, apparently. who knew? more than a few kids literally GASPED when they saw them in the sea of candy we passed out. OH COOL! DOTS!

i LOVE the image of your little darth skipping to the houses for candy! and, although you mention it in the other post, i SO AGREE about the christmas music. geez, give us a friggin second to have one holiday at a time.