Monday, November 14, 2005

The REST of the Weekend (aka, my brush with fame)

Friday night came and went...very quickly, I might add, and blended itself right into Saturday morning, as you can see by my previous post. After a few hours of sleep (I woke up at some ungodly early hour and couldn't go back to sleep), PC and I did a bit of running around and ate a bit of food, worked some more on our stair project and then set about our evening plans. Nap on the couch and more food before deciding on the rest of the evening.

The nap was unsuccessful - we BOTH managed to stay awake during whatever it was that we were watching on the tube. We gave up on the nap attempt, made some fried chicken, mashed potatos and gravy (O.M.G!!!) and pigged out. After dinner I hopped online to check if my new email address was working (HOORAY - thanks J!!!), and found an email from my karaoke friend, B. She mentioned that she was going to be at a bar about 10mins away from our house and that she'd love to see us if we wanted to come out and play. OF COURSE WE DID!!

A couple cups of coffee later, PC and I were over at this little bar looking for a place to park...TOTALLY PACKED. Once we managed to find our way through the door, we found B enmeshed in her discs, wires, and microphones. The place was a flood of people and there was barely anywhere to walk, and definitely not a seat a the bar. While PC and I were waiting for our drinks, B came up to us and asked, "Hey, did you see Red Kerr?" Being a Chicago Bulls fan (at least in the way back), I knew that she could only be talking about Bulls commentator, and former basketball star, Johnny "Red" Kerr. She took us to meet him - she knows him well and mentioned to him that I sing and LOVE country music. He said he couldn't wait to hear me.

Hear me he did. His stool was right at the curve of the bar - which happened to be right in front of the microphone. I think I sang, "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me," (originally by Linda Ronstadt, redone by Terri Clarke). He turned around and told my husband that I was fantastic. I was like, HOLY CRAP - I just got a compliment from RED KERR!!!

Wait! It gets better! He sings! We got to hear Red karaoke! He sings very well, mind you AND he listens to country music! It was truly an experience. PC and I stuck around long enough to sing one more and to hear him sing a few more. We said our good nights and Red told us that he can't wait to for us to come up again. He was actually kind of disappointed that we were leaving, as he had a few more songs in reserve left to sing. I told him that maybe next time he and I can do a duet. I'll DEFINITELY have pictures for that one!

After another late night, we opted to do absolutely NOTHING on Sunday. We had a grand scheme of getting more work done, but, well, we NEVER do nothing and figured just this once, we deserved it. I don't think we even left the house until 6 or so when we ran out to the grocery store to pick up some fixins for dinner (we just HAD to make more fried chicken so the kids could taste it).

Before I forget, it seemed that this weekend was "success" with SmallBoy at Ex's. I didn't hear any complaints or frustrations from Girl or LargeBoy and usually they will just jump in as soon as they get home and tell me if things were ugly or complicated over the weekend. They told me that it was ok with SmallBoy this weekend. I hope that's a good sign. I certainly hope that doesn't mean a follow up phone call from Ex telling me what horrid things happened. Well, we'll see. But boy, won't HE, KING of All Things Sports be jealous when I tell him about Red Kerr!


Cheryl said...

Oh wow, what a brilliant night!

I am too busy being all filled up for you to even be jealous :-)

I've gone all smiley instead. Thank you for this big grin.

Michelle said...

Oh, what fun! Karaoke is such fun, and to meet Red Kerr--wow! :)

Anonymous said...

OK...tell Marti, when she rides down here on her Harley...we are all going to Karaoke SOMEWHERE, and she can really get to know the family!! I want to join you and Red some night.

Great news about the weekend. Sounds like Ex may have absorbed some of what the therapist said afterall. hope hope hope!!

Love, Meem