Monday, November 14, 2005

TAG! You're IT!

This came from Cheryl at Mad Baggage. Meme is this - If you were to wake up tomorrow morning as a character of the opposite sex, who would you be and why?

I've gotta go with Sam Seaborn from The West Wing. Why? He's smart, a quick wit, works with some very brilliant people, and can write you a phenomenal speech at the drop of a hat. Not to mention that he's STILL just as HOT as he was when I was a teenager - you notice that he hasn't aged at ALL?

Ok - I'm tagging YOU! Yes, YOU! Who would YOU be? Let me know in your comments, but I'd REALLY like to see it on your blog. ASD moms, I think a brief moment of humor like this in our lives could give us all a good start (and chuckle) to our week!


Cheryl said...

Glad you visited on a high note! I've just squished it with a 'School authorities suck' post.

Aspie mum life is nothing if not, um, interesting. In the 'May you live in interesting times' Chinese curse sort of a way. Hey ho.

Great choice of male! I love this meme; who people would be without the constraints of good sense / empathy / whatever your gender blesses you with, is quite an eye opener!

Thanks for playing :-)

marti said...

James Spader as Alan Shore on Boston Legal. Smartest damn guy on TV, in my opinion.

Juggling Mother said...

Do i have to stay as this person for the rest of my life?

If it's a 24 hour thing, I'll go for Brad Pitt cos if you're going to try something, try the best:-)

If it's permenent, umm Bill Gates - nice life & able to really do something that changes the world (i mean by spending his money, not playing with microsoft)

Anonymous said...

OK, Marti and chose mt two favorite characters...I am NOT just saying this to kiss up. I am recently hooked on West Wing...son gave me season 1 and 2.....LOVE it, and I watch NO series on tv. nd Boston Legal....what a hoot....husband attornet feels the need to remind me that perhaps it is EXAGGERATED!! well, that is the ONLY reason to watch a show like that...escape....humor...tongue in cheek, I love Spader....and I love every character on West Wing. OK, and you thought at my age I was going to say Eleanor Roosevelt!! HA! I'll tell you who's at the bottom of my list....boy am I opening a can of worms.....HILLARY!!!!!!!

Better go now......Meem