Thursday, November 03, 2005

SmallBoy at Dad's

Last posting on this subject was my I-Hate-Autism rant. I want to update you on where that's gone since then and the conversation I had with SmallBoy yesterday.

Being an Aspie, SmallBoy particularly clings to routine and reacts much better to a change if he knows in advance that it is coming. That is why he asks me every week - oh, Thursday or so - if they're at home for the weekend or with their father. The arrangement is 1st & 3rd weekends at home, 2nd & 4th's at Ex's and we alternate when that extra 5th weekend pops onto the calendar. With Oct being longer, it was my turn for the alternating 5th, so the kids are home 2wks in a row. As expected, SmallBoy asked yesterday where he would be spending the weekend, " home or Dad's?" I told him he would be home and he let out a victorious "YES!" (complete with arm pump). What does that tell you about how he feels about going to his father's?

This weekend we'll be busy, provided the males in my house get healthy - SmallBoy has some respiratory thing going which is pissing off his asthma, LargeBoy has a stomach thing, and PC has a NASTY chest cold which has made itself nice and comfy in his lungs and, of course, the poor dear has to work tonight. So, I think the Large & SmallBoys are in bed early, while the Girls hang out. Girl has to practice bigtime tonight. Her big concert is tomorow!!!!!

Going home at 1 today to take care of the sick brood.


Amy said...

My daughter acts that way when she knows she's staying with me. I know she loves her father but she refuses to talk to him on the phone and cries if we have to stop by there for any reason (halloween, pick up something she left, etc). As much as it makes me feel good that she wants to be with me...I never want him to think I derive pleasure from her not wanting to be with him. Because I'm sure it breaks his heart...or at least I hope it does...what do you say when he says YES so happy like?

mommyguilt said...

I just sort of reminded him why he was home two weekends in a row and let him know that next weekend is a Dad-weekend.

With the way Ex acted last I spoke with him, though, I really don't think they enjoy their weekends. SmallBoy loves his father, but I truly think that he finds the weekend just as stressful as Ex does.