Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Movie Review Time

OH. MY. GOD! What an amazing film this was. David Duchovny's big screen directorial debut, House of D (and please, click on the link and read Duchovny's blog or read the reviews at Amazon - which won't play nice with the link, but look it up on Amazon under -House of D David Duchovny-, cuz I can do it NO justice at all). This movie about a boy, "almost 13", Tommy, played by Anton Yelchin, and his 41 year old mentally challenged friend, Pappass, (Robin Williams), will tug at your heart strings as a parent, a friend, a child. You'll laugh at the coming of political correctness as the school's Bible Study class is changed to Ethics class and how Williams' character goes from retarded, to something else, to mentally challenged. You'll cry as Tommy endures some of the greatest tribulations in his life - things no 13 year old should ever have to.

There will be no fluidity to my review, so please bear with me. Set in 1973 New York, you will see how Tommy's life changed at 13. Not like an average 13 year old's life changes, though. Tommy is being raised alone by his mother, as his father has recently lost a battle with cancer. Mom (Tea Leoni) is still struggling with that herself, while trying to raise Tommy. By day, Tommy & Pappass share the same school, St. Andrew's School, where Tommy is a student and Pappass is employed as the janitor. After school, they work together as delivery boys for a butcher shop. Together, they are saving their tips in a tin buried near the New York City Women's House of Detention (House of D), which is were Tommy meets Lady (Erykah Baydu). who gives Tommy advice throughout the movie. Together, Tommy and Pappass yearn to own the beautiful Green Lady - a new bike in the window of a shop on their delivery route. Their friendship is unfaltering until one day, Tommy falls for a girl. That seems like a typical movie story line, but Tommy's whole life is changed forever by this girl.

rOh I want to tell you so much more, but I can't give it away. Suffice it to say that "coming of age" is putting it mildly. This movie is powerful. Williams is spectacular. Duchovny plays Tommy, all grown up, narrating the story. All I can tell you is RENT THIS MOVIE!!!!! If my review is too vague and hasn't convinced you, read Duchovny's movie blog by clicking here, and THEN go RENT THIS MOVIE!!!! It's wonderful, truly a work of art. Trust me on this. I really want to hear what you think of it. We borrowed it from Meem, but we're definitely adding this to our wish-to-own list. I KNOW you will too!

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