Saturday, November 05, 2005

I Missed Supernanny

Sal - I missed it. Girl just HAD to go to the movies - and guess who had to drive. Yep.

I did, however, watch What's Eating Gilbert Grape last night. It was a very touching movie that totally looks into the lives of how ASD mixes into everything else that goes on in a family. The responsibility of those taking care of the child, how the child looks at the world, how ASD affects everyone else, how wonderful those with ASD are and, the most important piece - the ability of those with autism to FEEL EMOTION and to EXPRESS EMOTION to others.

Oh, I cried, alright. I would have cried without an Aspie of my own, but I cried because I could feel all of you. I could feel Irish and Sullen Bunny and Daniel's Mum. I cried also because I felt so ...wrong word, but, relieved... that SmallBoy isn't as severe as many and, at that, I felt kind of guilty at having the mild one in the group, yet here I sit doling out advice.

Anyway, I would recommend renting it if you haven't seen it...aside from its content and the ways in which it will touch all of you, Johnny Depp is just plain HOT!


Anonymous said...

I've seen the movie...I need to see it again....I didn't "get" that it was about ASB. What a nerdick I am....I try to "get" stuff.....and be cool....whew. I will rent the movie. I LOVED the book "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime" at least I think that's the name. Awesome!! Even if you DON'T have autism in your family. Great book! Has anyone read it?? I'm a grandma....I stress about being the best to ALL my kids....and grandkids. So, just so you all never goes away. We always want to be the best....or save everyone...or help everyone...or please get it. I'm female. I love my family and I will do backflips (oh there's a visual!!!) to see everyone happy!!!
I am venting!!! Love to all you moms dealing with parenting. The rewards in the end are SO worth it! Please trust me on this!!! Meem

Astryngia said...

Thanks for the tip, mommyguilt. We saw a TV whodunnit recently about a murdered mum and her Aspergers son. Whodunnit? Her son, overwhelmed by too much sensory overload - it was an accident but I had very mixed feelings about seeing AS portrayed in that way. I want to introduce people gently to AS and how that affects my son. That's not exactly what I was looking for! Gilbert is now top of my Amazon rental list! I'm looking forward to watching.