Wednesday, November 09, 2005



You absolutely MUST go read this post byCheryl at Mad Baggage about the ever elusive Sock Monster. I know we've all got one. Just make sure to run to the restroom first because you'll be laughing so hard, even at the comments, that you're sure to wet yourself!


Meem said...

I read it...I vented. How totally amusing that we all have the same monster in our houses...OK, mine can swallow panyhose, tights, playing cards (just one at a time) oregano, sharp scissors, scotch tape, string, postage stamps, envelopes of the right size, warrantee cards, ink cartridge, a sharp pencil, .....oh I could go is not just a sock's an I WILL EAT ANYTHING THAT WILL REALLY ANNOY YOU IF YOU CAN'T FIND IT monster. Anyone have one of those? Even....,milk in the morning ....after you've poured your cereal. have really hit a nerve. We would make a fortune if we could invent disposable socks!! Good blog kiddos......Meem

Cheryl said...

Honoured. Flattered.
Thanks, MG! :-D

mommyguilt said...

It was my pleasure, Cheryl. My whole house was on the floor with laughter - even my LargeBoy who NEVER reads blogs.