Thursday, November 17, 2005

Seeking Girl Aspies

Hi all! One HUGE favor...Laura is a mom of of whom is an Aspie...daughter...Yep, Asperger's is typical to boys. Is there anyone out there or in your circle, that may have an aspie daughter? Laura is REALLY cool. Met her through Marti's blog and they met in the maternity ward. Both have Aspies. Weird, huh? It's amazing how our little circle works. Please stop by and say hi to Laura. You'll love her. You can also find her on my links under Puddle of Consciousness.

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Laura said...

Wow - that is some serious advertising! Thanks! And I blush at the thought of people thinking I am so cool. I am deeply jealous of your rock star free time - my free time is mostly spent entertaining the dog, and the never ending cleaning of my kitchen. I am going to attempt to RAWK out more, given your example! And thanks for spreading the word on G. and girls like her with Asperger's. They are few and far between. Party on.