Friday, November 11, 2005


We had parent-teacher conferences last night for Girl and SmallBoy. We all went, PC, me, and Ex. Girl had rave reviews from her teacher who just thinks she's fantastic, always challenging the teacher and continually asking questions about everything she says. Serious higher level thinking going on there. I'm so proud.

As usual, I went into SmallBoy's conference with a little trepidation. I knew his teachers were versed in the Asperger's (as I had supplied them with a lot of good information -which they had taken the time to read!), but still, you never really know what to expect. I knew that his grades were fine, as report cards had come home earlier in the week. His academics AND his social were all wonderful, so I don't know really why I was nervous.

The teachers had high praises for him. They said that the AS sometimes works to THEIR advantage, keeping them on track - as Aspie's are so structured and schedule oriented. They said also that when he feels frustrated or starts coming apart, he is able to go off to a quieter place in the classroom and, get this, compose himself and then he's FINE! I was so happy to hear that. What HUGE skills he's developing. When the room starts getting a little too loud for him, they let him go out in the hall to work. They told a story about one time that SmallBoy needed to work in the hallway they had forgotten to make sure that there was a chair and desk there for him. A few minutes later, when they went out to check on him, they found him sprawled out on the floor doing his work, all nice and comfy.

I was amazed at the accomodations they make for him and the acceptance of the class to the fact that SmallBoy sometimes has a little more leniency from the teachers on what's expected. If he needs to get up and move around the classroom, it's perfectly fine. If he finishes his work ahead of time, they let him go do something else instead of sitting there bored. If he finds something to be boring (because it's too easy), they have him do the work, but then give him something more challenging. If he's having trouble understanding the classwork, they let him go on it, but explain it to him later, when he's a little less stressed out.

We have been blessed with great teachers for him. I wasn't particularly fond of his first grade teacher who, after one outburst, took him in the hall and asked him why he couldn't be a normal child like everyone else (oh yes, I was PISSED OFF! School got a call, but I never got an apology). Granted, that was well before the diagnosis, but even then, I was still suspecting something was going on. Regardless, all went well and we were all pleased. I think even Ex was happy with the conference. They mentioned, of course, that SmallBoy often complains that his feet are itchy, but I think that's a sensory thing...he HATES wearing socks. He rips them off of his feet as soon as he gets home and will NOT put them back on unless he has to. The other thing is that perhaps those socks are just not comfortable for him - still sensory. Maybe he likes the fluffiness of new socks. Who knows. That's my next step is to just go get new socks and see if that helps at all. They also said that he often complains that he's hungry or that he has to go to the bathroom as soon as he gets settled into class. That, I've noticed, is a common thing when he's in a "different" situation other than home, it doesn't matter if it's a familiar everyday thing or not - it's just not home. He eats like a pig. He does, though, like to eat in smaller doses...lots of food, just spread out. He eats every morning before school and, of course, uses the bathroom before he goes. I'm certain that's the Aspie in him. He does the same at dinner. Gets full, needs to use the bathroom, but then 10 minutes after dinner is over he still wants to eat again - even if he's finished all of his dinner.

Tonight we have a session with his therapist. We're all going. The kids, PC, Ex, and myself. I was really hopeful that Mrs. Ex and step-sister would also be able to come, since I think it's important that EVERYONE is current on what's going on with SmallBoy. Then, too, Ex and family can ask questions to a professional about what's up, since, with Ex, my answers don't really hold much water.

We'll see how it all goes. The kids are off to their dad's tonight for the weekend, so hopefully he'll do better. We've been working harder with SmallBoy about the ways to approach his little brother -whom he adores. It's hard for him to understand that he can't get in the baby's face or that he can't play with the baby the way he plays with his brother and sister.

I'll post tomorrow (or later today) and update on how it all went. Off of work today - we work on the 4th of July, but we get Veteran's Day off - go figure! We also get President's day, MLK Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day Thanksgiving holidays, day after Christmas, day after New Year's...but not July 4. Yeah, it's our busy season, but even the parents of our students think it's ridiculous....that's another post, though. I'll chat at y'all later.


Roni said...

Yay for great teachers!!!

Moi ;) said...

Sounds like you hve a great situation in school for him! They always seem to do better than we think they will, lol.

Bug takes his shoes off at home, too, first thing he does. As a matter of fact, so do

OH and the bathroom thing? Could be a con. My son uses it when he has to do something he doesn't want to do - it's a major stall tactic. heh heh We got his number early with that one!!!

I hope it worked out with the counselor and the EX. UGH!!! Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

i love hearing about the flexibility of SmallBoy's school staff! sounds like he is doing beautifully. such a cute image of him out in the hall, happily sprawled on the floor doing his work! and very flexible on his part, i may add, to deal so well with the unusual and unexpected!

i'll tune back in later to hear about the session.

sending good therapist vibes your way!